WHO has not called B.1.617 the ‘Indian variant “as per Center

WHO has not called B.1.617 the ‘Indian variant “as per Center

WHO has not called B.1.617 the ‘Indian variant “as per Center

In the second wave of the Corona epidemic in India, the type of virus being named B.1.617 is an Indian variant, it is not really an Indian variant.

Regarding this, the Central Government has issued a statement saying that the World Health Organization has not stated clearly that B.1.617 is an Indian type of deadly virus. However, the organization has definitely said that this threatens the whole world and this has increased the concern of the whole world.


The central government has clarified in the statement that media reports are consistently portraying the variant B.1.617 of the coronavirus as an Indian variant, which is not correct.

Such talk is completely baseless and baseless. It has also been clarified in the statement that even the word Indian has not been used in the 32-page report of the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization has also fully explained the situation regarding the B.1.617 variant of Corona.

In a tweet made by the organization, it is said that the organization does not name any virus variants by associating them with a particular country.

He only takes care of where such variants have been seen for the first time. After this, the process of giving a name to this variant is started.

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