Israel: The end of Netanyahu’s 12-year rule is near

Israel: The end of Netanyahu’s 12-year rule is near

Israel: Agreement reached between opposition parties, the end of Netanyahu’s 12-year rule is near

Lapid-Bennett reached an agreement to remove Benjamin Netanyahu from the Prime Minister’s chair

Israel’s opposition leaders moved closer to ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday and forming a new government, after agreeing with several parties led by Defense Minister Benny Gantz. With this, the end of Netanyahu’s 12-year rule has come to a close.

Late Wednesday, 57-year-old centrist leader Yair Lapid struck a deal with nationalist Naftali Bennett. Under this, both the leaders will work as the Prime Minister in turn. Meanwhile, both parties are insisting on including other parties in the alliance.

Lapid’s Yes Atid party and Gantz’s Blue and White party said in a joint statement that they agreed on key issues related to the framework of government and democracy.

Gantz will continue to be the defence minister in the new cabinet. There are some disagreements about political appointments at the lower level but those too have been resolved internally, only announcements are yet to be made.

The opposition coalition has the support of 61 members in the Israeli parliament ‘cassette’, who will then have to win a vote of confidence.

Relief from political turmoil

During his 12-year-long tenure in the country’s top office, Benjamin Netanyahu has often been recognized as a polarizing figure at home and abroad.

The end of his term may bring relief from the turmoil in domestic politics. However, the chances of a major change in Israel’s foreign policy will be slim because of America’s staunch ally.

Veteran politician Isaac Herzog becomes 11th President of Israel

Veteran leader Isaac Herzog has been elected as the country’s 11th President in a secret ballot held in the Israeli parliament ‘Knesset’.

Herzog (60), a former leader of the Labor Party, will be the first president of the country who is the son of a former president. His father, Siam Herzog, was the President of Israel from 1983 to 1993.

Herzog received 87 votes in the 120-member parliament and easily defeated his rival Miriam Peretz. He will officially replace President Riven Rivlin, who will step down on July 9 after a seven-year term. Thanking the MPs, Herzog said, I will be the President of all the countrymen.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu wished him on behalf of the citizens of the country. Let us tell you, Herzog was Netanyahu’s rival for the post of Prime Minister in 2015.

Herzog currently serves as the head of the Jewish Agency. This agency is a non-profit organization that works with the government to increase immigration into Israel. He was a member of the Knesset from 2003 to 2018 and held several ministries as ministers.

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