Mucormycosis: The ‘black fungus’ maiming Covid patients in India

Mucormycosis: The ‘black fungus’ maiming Covid patients in India

Black Fungus: Eye attack from the carotid artery in the throat

Amidst the corona epidemic, increasing cases of black fungus in the country is becoming a major cause of death of patients.

Prof. of Neurology Department of Institute of Medical Sciences of Banaras Hindu University. Vijaynath Mishra explains that black fungus (mucormycosis) spreads through the nose.

This fungus gets a carotid artery, a large artery of the body in the throat. A part of the artery carries blood to the eye. The fungus mixes in the blood and reaches the eye.

For this reason, cases of black fungus or blood fungus-infected patients are being removed. Now cases are increasing every day, in severe cases the brain can also be completely damaged.

Pro. Mishra says that in the 26-year-old medical profession, there were only 15 to 16 cases of black fungus. Now, these cases are increasing every day, which describes the worrisome situation. Negligence incurred between infections is outweighed.

Do not ignore redness or swelling of the eye

  • The eye will suddenly turn red when it is struck by black fungus. There will be swelling in the eye.
  • The eyesight will start to weaken. Lights can also go off in severe cases.
  • Corona patients do not ignore redness or swelling of the eye.
  • When the fungus reaches the brain through the arteries, the patient may have severe problems such as sudden paralysis, epileptic seizures, fainting, unbearable pain in the head.
  • In some severe cases, the patient may die suddenly.
  • Black fungus reaching blood by piercing an artery

Dr Vijay explains that mucormycosis is a different type of fungus. It has the ability to pierce blood vessels. As it enters the body, it damages the blood vessels to reach it. After success, it spreads throughout the body through the blood and stops the blood flow.

This causes the blood vessel to dry up, which looks like gangrene. Gangrene is black in colour. For this reason, it is also called black fungus or blood fungus.

MRI of brain and blood vessels

In the case of black fungus, MRI examination of brain and blood vessels should be done on medical advice. If the area of ​​fungus is seen too much in the investigation, then cut out from the operation. If it is mild then antifungal therapy is also given.

Do not take steroids doses for more than 5 days, if you have more than 300 sugar levels, then take insulin.

The sugar level is so much.

  • Before dinner: If the sugar level is less than 100, then there is nothing to worry about
  • Daytime: up to 140
  • After dinner: less than 200

More trouble with patients taking steroids

Steroids reduce the body’s immune system, allowing the fungus to grow. In Corona patients who are being given steroids, this problem is being seen more.

Insulin patients will have to be given insulin

There is diabetes and after the first dose the sugar has increased from 300 to 400, then insulin dose will also have to be given. The doctor may prescribe a dose of steroids.

Dose as per medical advice

Dr Vijay explains that the five-day dose of steroids starts with 16mg. This was followed by eight MG, then four MG and then two MG. The doctor decides its dose according to the patient’s condition.

The steroid dose should be discontinued from the sixth day. Do not take any steroids from your mind. Excessive use of steroids is sure to put the patient’s life at risk.

Thousands of crore fungus on the body

Dr Vijay says that there are millions of fungi and bacteria all over the body. The immune system keeps killing them. They attack when immunity is low. There are many types of fungus.

Someone eats skin, someone eats nails. Mucormycosis is damage to blood vessels and is a fatal type of fungus.

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