Digvijay Singh surrounded by speaking on Article 370, letter for NIA investigation

Digvijay Singh surrounded by speaking on Article 370, BJP wrote a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah for NIA investigation

Madhya Pradesh BJP on Saturday slammed senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh for his remarks on the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan accused the Sonia Gandhi-led party of speaking the language of Pakistan when a senior BJP leader demanded a probe by the NIA into the activities of Digvijay Singh.

Another BJP leader alleged that Singh has betrayed the country and his remarks fall under the category of sedition.

BJP state president Vishnudutt Sharma has written a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah in the matter of former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh’s statement regarding abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, demanding the investigation of the activities of the Congress leader by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). is of. Sharma has written in it that Rajya Sabha MPs have held many responsible positions, yet they stand with anti-national forces.

  • He said that what Digvijay Singh said in response to a Pakistani journalist’s question in the Congress clubhouse chat today is part of an ant-national conspiracy.

  • Sharma said that earlier in March 2019, he had also sought evidence after the air strikes carried out by India on Pakistan.

  • He blamed the RSS for disputing the martyrdom of martyr Hemant Karkare in the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

  • In the Batla House case, he expressed his sympathy by visiting the terrorists’ house.

He is always seen standing with the anti-national forces. Today’s incident is a threat to the unity and integrity of the country. In such a situation, NIA should investigate Digvijay Singh’s Pakistan connection.

The Congress leader made controversial remarks in a clubhouse chat, which also involved a Pakistani-origin journalist. On Saturday, BJP’s IT cell chief Amit Malviya shared a clip of Digvijay Singh’s purported ‘chat’ on his Twitter account.

It claimed that in the clubhouse chat, Digvijay Singh is talking about rethinking Article 370 in Kashmir. Digvijay Singh says during this, “It is very sad to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and end the status of the state. Congress party will definitely reconsider this matter.

Reacting to this, Chief Minister Chouhan said that Congress has sinned by imposing Article 370 in Kashmir.

Chouhan said, “Kashmir is the crown jewel of India, an integral part of India. It was Congress that sinned imposing Article 370 in Kashmir.

Congress is now speaking the language of Pakistan again.” He said that Sonia Gandhi should clarify the stand of the Congress party on the issue.

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