🥇What is the history of Chandravanshi kshatriya Rajput Caste?

🥇What is the history of Chandravanshi kshatriya Rajput Caste?

What is the history of Chandravanshi Caste?

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Here you will get to know about History related to Chandravansh (Lunar Dynasty),  Chandravanshi Samaj, Chandravanshi Kshatriya, Chandravanshi Rajput, Jarasandha, Jarasandha’s Wife, Son, father, son law & Daughters.

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What is Chandravanshi caste?

The Chandravanshi Caste is the descendant of ancient India’s Hindu warrior(Kshatriya) King Jarasandha. Jarasandha was the descendant of King Brihadratha. Brihadratha was the founder of the Barhadratha dynasty of Magadha. Chandravanshi belongs to Lunar Dynasty( God Chandra).

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Who is Chandravanshi?

According to Mahabharata, People who belong to the Chandravansha are Chandravanshi. Chandravanshi is part of Kshatriya. Chandravanshi means the Dynasty of the Moon (Chandra). Chandra is the main deity of Chandravanshi. Chandravanshi lives mainly in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.

Chandravanshi were those, according to the Historian C.V.Vaidya, who adopted the system of counting the Varna and period based on Lunar movements. Chandravanshi followers Lunar Calendar. These are the Kshatriya who is descendants of Lord Krishna & Jarsandha.

Chandela Kshatriya Rajput is also Chandravanshi. Chandela Ancestor built the famous Khajuraho. Jadeja and Bhati are also chandravanshi.


What is the history of Chandravanshi Caste?

Chandravanshi caste originated from western, eastern, northern India, and some rare parts of South India. Chandravanshi enjoyed their eminence from 3200 B.C. The epic Mahabharata is the story of the Chandravanshi Kshatriya Rajput. Jarasandha was the king of Chandravanshi & Son of Brihadratha.

Who killed Chandravanshi King Jarasandha?

Pandava Bhima (Bhimsen) killed Jarasandha (king of Magadha) on February 4, Saturday, 3230 B.C as per the direction is given by Lord Krishna. Krishna knew Jarasandha’s weakness and hinted Bhimsen split Jarasandha’s body into two parts from the middle of the legs.

Is Chandravanshi low-caste and untouchable?

No, Chandravanshi is not low-caste and untouchable. Chandravanshi Samaj comes under Kshtriye Rajput and General category. Few parts of north India, Chandravanshi comes under the OBC category and it is due to political benefit else Chandravanshi from that part always wants to be in a general category.

Who were the descendants of Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi?

The descendant of Chandravanshi is Yayati, Deva Nausha, Puru, Yadu, Kuru, Pandu, Yudhisthira, Jarasandha, Brihadratha, Sahadeva & Lord Krishna. Descendanttttt of Suryavanshi is Manu, Ikshvaku, Harischandra, Raghu, Dasaratha, Lord Rama, and Karna. Suryavanshi is also known as the Solar dynasty or Raghuvanshi or Ikshvaku dynasty.

Who was the king of Chandravanshi?

Samrat Jarasandha was the King of Chandravanshi. He was a Powerful Senapati and then become a powerful Magadh Emperor. Chandravanshi descendants use to worship and follow Jarasandha and also celebrate his birthday every year.

Was Lord Ram Suryavanshi or Chandravanshi?

Lord Ram was Suryavanshi, an offshoot of the Rajput Suryavanshi clan. As per Epic Mahabharata, Kauravas and Pandavas were Chandravanshi and belonged to the Lunar dynasty. Karna was the brother of Pandavas but he was Suryavanshi.


As per empirical literature, the Chandravansh dynasty was the major ancient Indian Kshatriyakul. The ruler (king) of the Chandravanshi was Samrat Jarasandha. He is also known as Magadh Samrat. Chandravanshis Uses to worship him and called him as Chandravanshi Rawani Kshatriya clan. Jarasandha gradually became emperor from Senapati.

Was Lord Krishna Chandravanshi?

No. Lord Krishna was Yaduvanshi but the Yaduvanshi lineage is the subpart of the Chandravanshi lineage and Yadav claims that they are a descent of the lord Krishna but Lord Krishna Ancestors were Chandravanshi.

What is the history of Jarasandha’s murder (Vadh)?

When he was emperor, he conquered 100 kings. His first and main motive is to become invincible in battle after sacrificing them to Lord Shiva. But unfortunately, he died in battle with Bhima. Bhima split and threw the two pieces of Jarasandha’s body in opposite directions. Two pieces of the body never got united, & Jarasandha was slain.

Who was the father of Jarasandha?

King Brihadratha was the father of Magadha Samrat Jarasandha. Brihadratha was also the Founder of the Brihadratha dynasty (The first dynasty of Magadha).

Who Was the son of Jarasandha?

The name of the son of Jarasandha was Sahadeva. Sachdeva became king of Magadha after the death of Jarasandha by the Pandavas (Bhima). Jarasandha had two daughters – Prapti & Asti. Jarasandha was the father-in-law of Kamsa.

What is the meaning of Chandravanshi?

Chandravanshi means Lunar dynasty(Chandra Vansh). According to  Mahabharat, all Descended of Moon (Chandra) is known as Chandravanshi Kshatriya Rawani Rajput. All Pandavas and Kauravas except Karna were Chandravanshi. Lord Krishna was yaduvanshi but his ancestors were Chandravanshi.

Who was the daughter of Jarasandha?

The name daughters of Jarsandha were Asti and Prapti. Both got married to Kamsa. Lord
Krishna Killed Kamsa (Maternal Uncle – Mama). After the death of Kams, Asti and Prapti went to
live in his father’s (Jarasandha)’s House.

Who was the wife of Jarasandha?

Jarasandha was known for having multiple wives but two wives had more power and control.
Both wives were twins and they were the princess of Kaasi (Varanasi). Jarasandha had one
son and two daughters from them. Asti and Prapti were daughters and Sachdeva was the son.

Who was the son-in-law of Jarasandha?

The name of the son-in-law of Jarasandha was Kamsa(कंस ). Kamsa was the maternal uncle (Mama) of Lord Krishna & he Married to twin daughters of Jarasandha. The daughters of Jarasandha were Asti and Prapti.


Who was the famous Chandravanshi?

According to Epic Mahabharata- Pandava, Kaurava, Jarasandha, Yayati, Yadu, Puru, Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu, Som, Brihadratha, Sahadeva, Arjuna, Balarama, Yadu, Turvasu, Jara, Jarasandha &, etc were the historical famous Chandravanshi. Lord Rama & Karna were Suryavanshi.

What is Chandravanshi Lineage?

The Chandravanshi lineage is one of the three lineages into which the Kshatriya caste of Hindu is divided, the other two being the Suryavanshi and the Agnivanshi, descended from Agni. According to Mahabharata, the Chandravanshis are descended from Chandra, in the Lunar Dynasty or the Hindu Moon God.

The Chandravanshi lineage is one of the three lineages into which the Kshatriya caste of Hindus is divided, the other two being the Suryavanshi and the Agnivanshi, descended from Agni. Lunar Dynasty is also known as Somavanshi or Chandravanshi lineage.

Who were the son of Yayati?

Yayati had five sons and were Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu and King Puru.

What was the name of the wife of Yayati?

Yayati had two wives and the name of both wives were Devayani and Sharmishtha.

Who was the father of King Puru?

Yayati was the father and Devayani and Sharmishtha were the mother of King Puru.

Are Chandravanshi and Chandravanshi Kshatriya the same?

Yes, Chandravanshi and Chandravanshi Rawani Kshatriya are the same. We always hear few words like Chandravanshi Rawani, Chandravanshi, Chandravanshi Kshatriya, and Chandravanshi Rajput. Right. All are the same & referred to as Chandrvanshi Kshtriye Rawani Rajput Samaj.

Who is the founder of Chandravanshi?

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There are three types of Kshatriyas Rajput.

  • Suryavanshi ( Descended from Sun (Suryavansh))
  • Agnivanshi ( Descended from fire (Agnivansh))
  • Chandravanshi ( Descended from Moon (Chandravansh))

What is Suryavanshi?

Suryavanshi is those people who belong to the Sun dynasty. They are descendants of the sun and Raghuvanshi is an offshoot of the Rajput Suryavanshi clan.

Rajput is Suryavanshi and it is also true that some Rajputs are known as Chandravanshi Kshatriya Rajput.
Chandravansi is also known as Chandravanshi, Chandrvaanshi Rawani, and Chandravanshi Khati, and Chandravanshi Bagri.

Branches of Surya Dynasty: –

  • Gehlot / Sisodia
  • Rathod
  • Budgujar
  • Sikarwar
  • Gaharwar
  • Dogra
  • Balla
  • Vais
  • Sangawat
  • Sarangdevot
  • Kachwaha
  • Kalyanot
  • Rajawat
  • Shekhawat
  • Bargujar
  • Jamwal
  • Tomar
  • Ranawat
  • Chundawat
  • Jasrotia
  • Pundir
  • Champawat
  • Dhandhul Bhadail
  • Khokhar
  • Kumpawat

What is Agnivanshi?

Agnivanshi is those people who belong to the Fire (Agni) dynasty and that is the Vedic god of fire.

Four branches of Agnivanshi: –

  • Chauhan
  • Solanki
  • Parmar
  • Deora
  • Hada
  • Bhadauria
  • Khichi
  • Solanki
  • Baghel
  • Mori
  • Sodha
  • Sankhla
  • Pratihara
  • Inda

Ten branches of Chandra dynasty (Chandravanshi): –

  • Jaadauna
  • Bhaatee
  • Tomara
  • Chandela
  • Chhonkara
  • Jhaalaa
  • Silaara
  • Vanaafar
  • katocha
  • Somavanshee
  • Rawani
  • Bagri
  • Khati
  • Jadeja
  • Sarvaiya
  • Banaphar
  • Pathania
  • Bhati
  • Bundela
  • Chavda
  • Dahiya


Maharaja Ajmeedh Chandravanshi

The Kshatriya Swarnakar Samaj considers Shri Maharaja Ajmeedh as his Pitru Purush (Adi Purush). On the basis of historical information which has been available in different forms in different places, Kshatriyas find their lineage connected with Lord Vishnu.

It is said that Lord Brahma originated from the navel-lotus of Lord Vishnu. With the auspicious sight of Atri and Atriji from Brahma, Chandra-Som took place.

Ajmeedh was born in the 28th generation of the Chandra dynasty. Maharaja Ajmidhji was born at the end of Tretayuga. Not only a contemporary of Maryada Purushottam, but he was also his best friend. His grandfather was Maharaja Shrihasti who built the famous Hastinapur.

Maharaja Ajmeedh was born from the womb of Vikunthan and Dashah princess Maharani Sudeva, son of Maharaja Hasti.

Among his many brothers, Purumi and Dwimad were particularly famous and both were mighty kings. In the dynasty of Dwimhidhji, famous kings like Maranan, Kritimana, Satya and Dhriti were made. Purumidha had no children.

The great son of King Hasti, Ajmiad was the great Chakravarti king Chandravanshi. The two queens of Maharaja Ajmeedh were Suyati and Nalini. In his womb, he had a son named Budhadishu, Riva, Priyamedha and Neel. The dynasty of Maid Kshatriya Swarnakar Samaj went ahead with them.

Ajmeedh settled Ajmer city and laid the foundation of Mewar. Being a great Kshatriya king, Ajmeed believed in religion. They used to make gold and silver jewelery, toys and utensils and used to give gifts and gifts to their sons.

He was a great artist. Jewelry making was his hobby and this hobby has continued as a business for generations after him.

All the people of the society consider them as Adi and celebrate Ashwini Shukla Poornima as Ajmihidji Jayanti.

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Chandravanshi Dynasty History in English

King Manu was the first ruler of the Aryans of India. Maharaja Manu had nine sons and a daughter, and one of those nine sons started the Suryavanshi Kshatriyas. Manu’s daughter’s name was Ila. Ila is married to Mercury. Ila and Mercury had a son and named him Moon and from that started the Chandravansha.

Chandravanshi Rajput kings list in English

  1. Yadu
  2. Turvusu
  3. Druhyu
  4. Anu
  5. Puru

After King Manu, many generations came and in it, Yayati became a very powerful, multifaceted, and conquering emperor. Yayati had five sons – Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu and Puru. The five sons of Yayati ran their own dynasty and all the descendants made their supremacy. It is also found in the Rigveda that these five dynasties later became Yadavas, Turvasu, Druhyus, Anavas, and Pauravas.

Chandravanshi Rajput Caste & Descendants list in English

  • Chandravansh
  • Yaduvansh
  • Haihayavansh
  • Bhati vansh
  • Jadejavansh
  • Chandel dynasty
  • Gaharwal Dynasty
  • Sengar Dynasty
  • Tanwar Dynasty
  • Badal dynasty
  • Jhala Dynasty
  • Solanki Dynasty
  • Baghel Dynasty
  • Banafar Dynasty
  • Brihadratha Dynasty

What is the history of Chandravanshi Caste?

The era of Sun-descendant (Suryavanshi) warriors started with their nine sons. That the first ruler (king) of the Aryans became Vaivasvata Manu. The era of Sun-descendant warriors started with their nine sons. Manu also had a daughter – Ila. She married Mercury who was the son of Moon. He originated the Pururavas, called Ail, and became the first ruler of the Chandravanshi caste.

His capital was Pratishthan, where today Jhunsi is located near Prayag. Age and Amavasu became extremely famous among Pururava’s six sons.

Age ruled the establishment and Amavasu established a new dynasty at Kanyakubj. Jahvu became famous among the kings of Kanyakubj, after whom Ganga was named Jahnavi.

Later Vishwarath or Vishwamitra also became famous, who came in the struggle for the priesthood of Kosala in the competition of Purohitya.


What is the history of Chandravanshi Caste?

Later he became ascetic and received the title of Brahmarshi. After his age, his firstborn son Nahusha became the ruler of the establishment.

His younger brother Kshatravruddha established a kingdom in Kashi. Among the six sons of Nahusha, Yati and Yayati were the chiefs. Yati became a monk and Yayati got the throne.

Yayati became the powerful and conquering emperor and also the hero of many legacy stories. He had five sons – Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu, and Puru.

These five carried their own dynasty and their descendants conquered far and wide. Later, these dynasties were called Yadavas, Turvasu, Druhyus, Anavas, and Pauravas.

In the Rigveda, these are called Panchchitraya. A branch of the Yadavas became famous by the name of Haihay and settled on the banks of the Narmada in Dakshinapath.

Mahishmati was the capital of the Haihas and Kartavirya Arjuna became their almighty and conquering king.

The Turvasuke descendants first subordinated the territories of the southeast, but later moved to the northwest.


What is the history of Chandravanshi Caste?

The Druhyus captured the banks of Sindh and named the state Gandhar after their king Gandhara. One branch of the Anuvas settled in eastern Punjab and the other in eastern Bihar.

There were famous kings called Ushinar and Shivi in ​​the Anava clan of Punjab.
The Pauravas established several kingdoms in Madhya Pradesh and a king named Dushyant ruled Ganga-Yamuna-Doab, among them.

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From Shakuntala, he gave birth to a brilliant son named Bharata. He established a vast empire by Digvijay and probably named the country Bharatvarsha.

But after the era of Ramachandra, it was his turn again, and once again the Yadavas and Pauravas started moving by their old glory.

The Yadukulas spread from Mathura to Dwarka and Andhak, Vrishni, Kukur, and Bhoja became prominent among them. Krishna was his foremost representative.

At the original capital establishment of the Chandravanshi, Yayati, delighted by his behavior with his little boy Puru –
is said to have given his youth for his well-being and taken his old age – at the behest of his father.

Then due to pressure from the Akshvakus of Ayodhya, the establishment’s Chandravanshi lost their kingdom.
Their branches also spread to Berar and its south. King of the Pauravas Sudas became very famous in Panchal.

Stunned by his increasing power, the ten kings of northwestern India formed a confederacy and on the banks of Parushni (Ravi), they fought a battle with Sudas, which is known as the Dasarajna war and is the subject of one of the major stories of the Rigveda.

But Vijay Sudas did the same. A few days later came the era of King Sanvara and his son Kuru, of the Paurava dynasty. The Kuru dynasty became famous by the name of Kuru, his descendants were called Kauravas and later on, Delhi had its two famous cities Indraprastha and Hastinapur.

The famous Mahabharata war of the Kauravas and Pandavas proved to be a devastating event in Indian history.
Kings of all India participated in it. The Pandavas were victorious, but it was an absolute victory.

The time of that war was usually around 1400 BC.

I think I have covered everything about this question – What is the history of Chandravanshi Caste?

जय जरासंध 🙂

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मैं चंद्रवंशी  सर नहीं झुकने दूंगा! 🥇 – निशांत चन्द्रवंशी

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