Keshari Ram Chandravanshi of Quit India Movement to get a statue

Keshari Ram Chandravanshi of Quit India Movement to get a statue

Anonymous soldier Martyr Keshari Ram Chandravanshi of Quit India Movement to get a statue

The anonymous martyr Keshri Ram Chandravanshi of Angad Kishore’s book Freedom Struggle was released in New Marwari Dharamshala on Thursday.

The martyr’s contributions are discussed in this. On the occasion, the guests raised the demand for proper honour to be given to the unsung martyr.

All the people present in the meeting paid for their flowers and celebrated his birthday (14 April).

Deepa Chandravanshi.

Deepa Chandravanshi.

  • The teeth of the British were sour

Angad Kishore, author of the book and chairman of Soneghati Archaeological Council, while highlighting the biography of the martyr Keshari Ram Chandravanshi, said that in the revolution of 1942, this great warrior had cut the teeth of the British.

He had an amazing ability in the organization.

He had inherited the spirit of patriotism. His father Deeni Ram was also a great freedom fighter. The blonde platoon shot him near his house in Tandwa. They were seriously injured.

His relatives took him to the countryside doctor, but after two days had travelled from this world on 30-8-1942.

Mr Kishore further said that the irony of his country is that he could not be properly evaluated as a freedom fighter. How sad that the monumental monuments in his memory were built in 1994, but the statue is not yet installed.

Earlier in the program chaired by Shankar Singh, social activist Naresh Singh Chandravanshi, chief Amod Chandravanshi, daughter of Shaheed Keshari Ram Chandravanshi, Kismati Kunwar, Satyendra Kumar Chandel and Jeetendra Prasad, Niranjan Prasad, director of Sarvodaya Vidya Bharati High School, retired headmaster Shankar Singh and The book was released by Upendra Kumar, President of Aurangabad District of Abhacha Kshatriya Mahasabha. The operation was conducted by Upendra Kumar.

  • Statue of martyr will be built at the memorial site

Amod Chandravanshi, the popular head of Chandragarh, announced in the meeting that the statue of the martyr Keshari Ram Chandravanshi would be installed soon at the memorial site.

Social worker Naresh Singh Chandravanshi said that in his memory, the then Bihar government minister Ramai Ram laid the foundation stone, then MLA Bhim Yadav built the memorial, but sadly, even after 27 years, the statue of Shaheed Keshari could not be installed. . The event was attended by many people including Dheeraj Kumar Chandravanshi, Kundan Kumar, Avinash Kumar, Raju Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, Umesh Chandravanshi, Akhilesh, Premchand Chandravanshi, Gopal Singh, Ramadhar Singh, Virendra Kumar, Ramcharitra Singh, Rampravesh Singh.

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