Paras hospital Patna Bihar- Accusations of gang-rape of Corona-infected women

Accusations of gang-rape of Corona-infected women in Paras hospital in Patna, Bihar. Video was upload on Facebook by the daughter

The ICU of a large private hospital in Patna has been accused of gang rape with a woman who was fighting a war against Corona. As per live Hindustan Newspaper,  It is said that three to five employees of the hospital raped the woman. The daughter made a video of the victim’s statement and put it on Facebook, there was a panic.

Police have not confirmed the incident yet. The police have only been told that the investigation is on. The hospital management has termed the entire case as baseless and false.

The incident allegedly took place at Paras Hospital in Patna. The corona-infected woman has been admitted here for several days. She is undergoing treatment in ICU in critical condition.

It is alleged that the woman raped the hospital staff. When the daughter reached the ICU to meet the woman, her senses were blown away when her mother heard the distraught in the tongue. The daughter immediately took out her mobile and also made a video of the mother’s talk.

Paras hospital Patna Bihar- Accusations of gang-rape of Corona-infected women

According to the victim’s daughter, when she arrived to meet the mother, her mother’s arms and legs were tied. When asked by the staff there, they said that her mother’s mental state is not well. However, the mother said that they were wrong. The victim was admitted to the hospital on 15 May.

As soon as the video went viral, the police of Shastrinagar police station reached the hospital with the woman police officer. Shastri Nagar police station chief Ramashankar told that whether or not there was any wrong with the victim, is not being confirmed yet.

Rape Case Paras hospital Patna Bihar

The woman is admitted to the ICU. If needed, a medical examination will be done. However, till now the daughter of the victim has not made a written complaint to the police station, based on which an FIR should be lodged. The police have started investigating the CCTV footage installed in the hospital.

Hospital side

After the video went viral, the hospital management said that it has been accused of misconduct by a relative of a patient while undergoing treatment in ICU. We refute the allegations based on the facts found in the internal investigation.

However, the police are investigating and we have assured full cooperation in the investigation. Absolutely wrong accusation. There are 24 patients there. Some staff also remain.

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