Biological warfare and the race to become a superpower: China

Biological warfare and the race to become a superpower: China

Is China’s biological weapon not corona?

The second wave of Coronavirus has caused havoc all over the country, thousands of people are dying untimely every day. Along with the second wave, now experts are also expecting the third wave.

In such a situation, the question arises whether India has not fallen victim to any biological war, which has caused such huge destruction by suddenly destroying the medical system?

A lot of things have been done for the past year about how and where the coronavirus came from, but recently there have been some stark facts related to this that China has prepared this virus in its lab.

China is waging a biological war against many countries through the coronavirus. Scientists in China investigated five years before the Covid-19 pandemic for allegedly using the coronavirus as a weapon and predicting a Third World War biological warhead.

What are claims and facts?

This has been claimed in media reports citing documents received by the US State Department. Britain’s ‘The Sun’ newspaper quoted a report released by The Australian as saying that ‘explosive’ documents handed over by the US State Department allegedly show that the Commander of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China was predicting this fatal.

Documents found by US officials were allegedly written in 2015 by military scientists and senior Chinese health officials who were investigating the origins of the Covid-19.

Chinese scientists referred to the SARS coronavirus as the ‘new era of biological weapons, an example of which is Covid.

The PLA documents indicated that the bio-weapon attack could demolish the enemy’s medical system. The documents also mention the actions of US Air Force Colonel Michael J, who feared that the Third World War could be fought with biological weapons.

The documents also mention that SARS, spread in China in 2003, maybe a man-made bio-weapon, deliberately spread by terrorists.

MP Tom Tugendhat and Australian politician James Patterson said these documents have raised concerns about China’s transparency about the origins of the Covid-19.

However, the official Global Times newspaper in Beijing has criticized Australia for publishing this article to tarnish China’s image.
Trying to demolish the economy and medical system

Chinese scientists had mentioned the SARS coronavirus as the ‘new era of biological weapons’ – Photo: Pixabay
America has been saying this continuously.

According to the US intelligence report, China has used the coronavirus as a biological weapon to destroy the economy and medical system of enemy countries.

China wanted to control the trade war and the Hong Kong movement with the US, which required Donald Trump to be removed.

In such a situation, the first and second wave of Corona caused great havoc in America, due to which Trump also lost the presidential election. In fact, Donald Trump stood as a thorn in China’s high speed.

Whereas in Asia, India was fast emerging on the international stage under the leadership of Modi.

In 2015, in the first term of the Modi government, the Indian Army entered the border of Myanmar and killed the terrorists, who were nurtured by China.

After that, in 2016 and 2019, surgical strikes and airstrikes in Pakistan, last year, from the Galvan Valley made it clear that it is now New India.

Recently, after the military conflict with China in the Galvan Valley, the situation between the two countries became tense. It was only a few months later that the second wave of corona arrived in India which almost destroyed the entire medical system.

In this wave, Corona caused great devastation in the entire country, in such a situation, the suspicion is growing on China that somewhere India has not become a victim of biological warfare.

Recent global reports are also confirming this. Revenge from America, to prevent the rapid pace of India and the Modi government, China gave the biological weapon Chinese virus the first dramatic drama in Wuhan. China was sharpening and updating its SARS biological weapon when the whole world was focused on 5G, other technical aspects and terrorism unaware of this circumcision plan of China.

China placed the focal point of the Chinese virus in Wuhan. Where people from all over the world work.

In other cities of China, it did not make an impact, but the Chinese virus was released from Wuhan in other countries and created havoc upon seeing because when the situation in Wuhan started deteriorating or spoiling, people of other countries would leave their country Forced to run.

India and America airlifted their citizens. With this, the Chinese virus also airlifted and started ruining lives in the common life of the people.

The economic aspect of Corona.

Brazil also made allegations, what are the claims

Finally, Brazil also accused China of accepting the claims of former US President Donald Trump that the epidemic is natural, not biological warfare. In the first wave of Covid itself, Japan’s Nobel Prize-winning virologist also said that it is a man-made virus.

By 2019, China’s GDP had been falling for three consecutive years, but after the Corona epidemic, China’s GDP has risen sharply and so far it has increased by 70 per cent, while a large part of the world economy is the Chinese virus. Spending in fighting with.

According to a report, the research of pre-pandemic vaccine was going on in China, something unexpected happened in this sequence and the virus spread in Wuhan, China … Italy Corona caused great devastation in Italy due to Chinese brother-in-law.

As the Indian government’s short-sightedness towards the second wave, the US took it lightly in the first wave and China’s plan succeeded without any effort, a country like the US stopped and witnessed the deaths of millions of its citizens.

On the other hand, soon after its outbreak, the Chinese vaccine came into the market, the whole world was surprised that the virus was not even started to analyze, scientists were doing research on the vaccine and China started selling the vaccine.

When China first imposed a lockdown in Wuhan, the US was surprised how China knew that the lockdown could end the corona.

In the same lockdown, China had vaccinated all its citizens and within a few months, the work of vaccination in China was completed. China has already rescued its people by putting a vaccine and sold its goods all over the world.

Still exists in other countries

The Chinese virus, starting from Wuhan, has remained in place in other countries of the world till now, not taking the name of pause, while China got rid of this virus in just 6 to 8 months.

Life came back on track as before. The second wave in India caused havoc, which the first wave of 2020 could not do. Of course, China is constantly updating the Chinese virus and wants to keep its enemy countries entangled in the health system.

Due to this, the pace of countries has become like a turtle. It has left the economy and health system unattended.

In the second wave environment in India, China is offering help in the form of Heron Bhagat, while China is the real root cause of this problem.

Despite all this, the whole matter is and will remain in intelligence documents. By using biological weapons, China has started guerrilla warfare. Tomorrow, another country will do this.

In such a situation, now the whole world community will have to unite against China, as well as great preparations will be made to deal with biological weapons or biological warfare in future.

Written by Political Analyst Nishant Chandravanshi.

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