Pakistan: Malala on target of feminists

Pakistan: Malala on target of feminists

Pakistan: Malala on target of feminists

Like any other Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai got married at the age of twenty-four. So now like other common wives, she will also be busy taking care of her husband and children.

Malala’s husband is Pakistani. The men of Pakistan thrive in a masculine environment.

How much do they believe in women’s freedom that their husbands will allow Malala to follow their path, to agitate for women’s education?

Malala is no ordinary Swat Valley girl, she is an icon for millions of girls in the world. There are about 130 million girls in the world who are not getting the opportunity to study.

Arranging education for these crores of girls is a huge task. Usually, one gets the Nobel Peace Prize somewhere after spending the whole life for world peace.

But since the Taliban had created a sensation by shooting Malala, Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize early in life even before she could do the big thing.

In such a situation, it is only appropriate that Malala continues throughout her life in her campaign to establish peace and education for girls.

But it is not easy to agitate for the education of 13 crore girls of the world while taking care of their household.

Since Malala raised her voice for the education of girls, she could become an example for girls all over the world by achieving great achievements in the field of education.

Most of the girls in the world do not get the opportunity that Malala got for getting an education. In such a situation, it was appropriate for Malala to make good use of the opportunity given to her.

Now, will girls around the world learn anything from Malala Yousafzai? In backward society, girls are usually married at a young age and after marriage, girls become dependent on husbands and in-laws.

Malala could change this social system by her example. But from their decision of marriage, it does not seem so.

Malala said that she does not believe in the marriage system and does not understand why people get married.

Within three months of saying this, Malala herself got married. So, how much can one trust Malala’s words?

Malala’s marriage must have disappointed those who expected her to create a major movement in the field of women’s education.

Although some people say that marriage is Malala’s matter, so no one has the right to object to it. It is also not that Malala’s marriage has been forced.

Why should someone else come to the conclusion that the man Malala has chosen as her husband is not a good man?

Instead of commenting on Malala’s personal life, people should wait. Even after getting married, Malala can defy her critics by continuing to work in the field of female education.

If Malala is agitating for women’s education, it does not mean that she will have to lead the life of a sannyasin by giving up feelings like love and relationships like marriage in her life.

Rather, if she gets the support of her husband, then Malala can do great things in her life, achieve great achievements.

Some believe that Malala Yousafzai wants to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the future.

Whatever qualities are needed for this, Malala is giving them all. For example, she always covers her head in front of common people.

She starts her every speech with the name of Allah. That’s why he married a Pakistani. The result of this is that the traditionalists of Pakistan have started loving Malala.

Malala’s father himself also wants to see him as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Since cricket is of great importance in the lives of Pakistanis, Malala has deliberately chosen a man who has a relationship with cricket as her husband.

Not only this, but Malala also cut the cake with her husband while celebrating the victory of Pakistan over India in the recently held T20 World Cup.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that Malala, who has been a vocal protester of injustice across the world, never said anything about the displacement of Kashmiri Pandits.

The reality is that Malala is a traditionalist woman who has been made famous by the West. So one should not expect anything more from a woman bound by religion and tradition.

Although many people believe that Malala’s becoming the Prime Minister will only improve the image of Pakistan and in that case, she will take all possible steps to take Pakistan forward on all scales of development.

It should also not be forgotten that Benazir Bhutto, who did not remove the head pallu, also eventually fell victim to the bullets of the fundamentalists.

In such a situation, if Malala ever becomes Prime Minister, she can once again come under the target of the Taliban.

As far as I am concerned, the truth is that I never thought that Malala Yousafzai would decide to get married at such a young age.

Malala has graduated from Oxford. Some people are saying that she will study more. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Malala’s studies don’t go further after marriage.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Malala starts wearing a burqa in the future.




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