Sarpanch Padwoman Maya Vishwakarma Job left from America for bright future of women

Sarpanch Padwoman Maya Vishwakarma Job left from America for bright future of women

Job left from America for bright future of women and villagers, know about Sarpanch Maya

Maya Vishwakarma: The position of women appeared to be strengthened in the Madhya Pradesh three-tier panchayat elections. 570 Sarpanchs were elected unopposed, out of which 380 are women.

These women sarpanches include 21-year-old women, while 79-year-old women are also included. The 79-year-old veteran Ramrani is the oldest woman sarpanch.

All of them have been elected unopposed. At the same time, there is a female sarpanch who has come from America after studying. Maya Vishwakarma, who came back from America, does not need any identity.

She is also known as Pad Woman or Pad GG in India. Due to his efforts and works for the development and health of the villagers, the Sarpanch has been elected unopposed.

Let us know about Maya Vishwakarma, the female sarpanch of Madhya Pradesh Panchayat elections, why she is known as Pad Woman.

Who is Maya Vishwakarma

Maya Vishwakarma has been elected unopposed as Sarpanch in Sai Kheda Tehsil of Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Maya Vishwakarma has completed her education from America. He did his PhD in the year 2008.

Maya Vishwakarma, who returned after researching blood cancer at the University of California, San Francisco, was living a good life in America.

However, the passion to work for the development of his country-state brought him back to India.

Maya Vishwakarma left America’s job

After returning home, Maya Vishwakarma started working for the poor people. For this he also left his job in America. She felt that by coming into politics, she would be able to do something meaningful for the society.

With this thinking in the year 2014, Maya contested the elections from Narmadapuram Lok Sabha constituency (Narsinghpur-Hoshangabad parliamentary constituency) on Aam Aadmi Party ticket, although she had to face defeat.

Why is she known as Pad Woman?

Maya Vishwakarma is also known as Pad GG and Pad Woman. Maya Vishwakarma works as a social worker through Sukarma Foundation.

She works to make women aware about menstruation, hygiene and health. By visiting villages and towns, women of poor settlements are made aware about the problems faced during menstruation.

Maya Vishwakarma has also received many social awards due to her social service and awareness programs.

He took inspiration from meeting the padman of Arunachalam India and started manufacturing sanitary pads in the village.

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