Will advanced alien technology end life on earth?

Will advanced alien technology end life on earth?

Will advanced alien technology end life on earth? Harvard professor claims – ‘Not even a chance to survive’

Harvard University Professor Avi Loeb, who described the mysterious space object Oumuamua as an alien spacecraft, has made a new claim.

He says that the end of the earth may be due to the mistake of the science experiment of an alien civilization. The article written in Scientific American states that a huge particle accelerator can produce a dark energy explosion that can light up an entire galaxy at the speed of light.

According to him, to avoid this, ‘interstellar diplomacy‘ has to be done as soon as possible.

Right now, space agencies around the world are looking to find life in another world.

To date, there is no proof of life. In such a situation, having a super-advanced civilization is also a fantasy and diplomacy is even more distant.

Loeb wrote, “To avoid such a disaster, a compromise has to be made like nuclear test ban theory.”

Loeb says that if there was such a possibility, a ‘bubble‘ of dark energy would form that would spread and destroy everything in its path.

Loeb says that it would be difficult to get an early warning about such an event because no signal faster than the speed of light would be able to come.

Be discussed before

Earlier, Loeb was in the news when he claimed that the space rock Oumuamua seen on October 19, 2017, was actually evidence of alien life. T,

his was observed by the PAN-STARRS1 telescope of the University of Hawaii. The cigar-shaped object passed close to the Earth at a speed of 1.96 lakh miles per hour and was considered a comet or asteroid.

However, Evie says that it was not a common space rock.

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