World Environment Day Special: Unbreakable bond between children & Environment

World Environment Day Special: Unbreakable bond between children & the Environment

Like parents, the environment also plays an important role in the upbringing of the child. When a newborn baby cries in a closed room and does not keep silent even after making all efforts, but when he is moved outside in an open environment, he becomes silent.

It is well known that nature and the environment are an integral part of our life. Without them, mankind can’t imagine life on earth.

For example, from the five elements water, land, air, fire and sky, the existence of human life, they are the result of our nature and environment, but the irony of the time is that in this era of modernity, man is living his ‘life-giving’ nature and environment. harming itself.

This is the reason that sometimes nature shows its fierce form from protector to destroyer. There is still time to maintain a balance between sustainable development and the environment so that our future generations are not deprived of natural resources.

Relationship between newborn child, parent and environment

These coming generations are our innocent and innocent children who have a special and unbreakable connection with the environment and nature.

Environment and children attract each other. When a child is a newborn, it begins to communicate with its environment. The environment understands the language and gestures of the newborn child which are not even understood by his parents.

Like parents, the environment also plays an important role in the upbringing of the child. When a newborn baby cries in a closed room and does not keep silent even after making all efforts, but when he is moved outside in an open environment, he becomes silent.

Actually, he becomes happy by going in the lap of the environment, the environment around him attracts him. He wants to be aware of everything created in the world, which he could not see when he was in his mother’s womb for 9 months.

The sky is the limit of his desires. He wants to be drenched in every colour of life through the environment around him. Small birds, the melodious voice of the cuckoo, the crow’s crow, the flowing water of the winding rivers, the drizzling rain, all these are the attraction centres of nature that attract children towards them.

Adolescence and the Environment

Children who are in adolescence or are moving towards it also have a special love for the environment. Some children prefer to do in the open environment (gardens) from morning exercises to evening walks. Teenage children especially enjoy getting drenched in raindrops.

Children especially love going to parks and zoos. He is also fond of playing cricket on the open field. In such a situation, parents must put regular restrictions on their children. Give them a chance to strengthen their connection and dialogue with the environment.

However, in this exceptional period of the corona epidemic, special attention is required to be given to children. There is a need to impose special restrictions on them. These restrictions can be relaxed at a favourable time.

Children’s education and environment

The environment has a special place in the education system of our country. The environment is being taught in the curriculum of various institutions of the country. Special emphasis has been laid on environmental education in the new education policy of the country.

There is a need to implement it properly according to the time and special attention should be given to environmental education even at the primary level.

Education of environmental protection and regulation should be given to children effectively so that they can understand the harms of playing with nature and thus they will be aware of the environment and later become a responsible citizen and set an ideal for the society.

This proves that we can preserve our environment only when we connect our children with the environment in a meaningful way.

Environment and children’s health

There is no doubt and science also proves that the environment plays an important role in the health of children. A clean environment keeps children away from diseases.

That is why we must keep our environment clean while playing the responsibility of a civilized citizen and do not harm it in any way. Do tree plantation.

Do not pollute the air. In this era of Corona, it becomes even more important that we take special care of cleanliness in our homes and surroundings.

Always keep one thing in mind that a clean environment will help in keeping you and your kids healthy.

Children’s interest and curiosity in the environment

Greta Thunberg, an environmental activist from Sweden who surprised the world with her passion for the environment. Greta was awarded the ‘Time Person of the Year award on 11 December 2019. We also have to identify such passionate children in our country.

We have to take forward those children and give them a platform who have love and passion for nature and the environment.

Those who want to preserve the heritage of nature and the environment. We have to inculcate interest and curiosity about the environment in the minds of our children.

After all, these children will play their role in the direction and condition of the world in the coming times.

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