World Bicycle Day: Story

World Bicycle Day: Story

  • Bicycle maintenance is very easy in European countries.
  • Bicycles are still available at very affordable prices.
  • Daily cycling strengthens the muscles of the body.

Yesterday I was sitting on the side of the road in the industrial area near me watching expensive cars and trucks pass by.

In between, some people in their bicycles were crossing the road between these fast-moving vehicles with tiffin legs on the crossroads, I now see very few people in the streets, these bicycle people were knocking in the middle of these attractive vehicles.

In the meantime, an old man collided with a fast-moving car crossing the road and then I along with the people around took him to the hospital. He had a fracture in his leg, working in the factory, he went to bed for a month while working in the factory to make bread for his family.

Meanwhile, I remembered a few months old anecdotes

I was discussing the transportation means of Chandigarh with my brother who came to Chandigarh before the Corona period. Chandigarh does not have a cheap and accessible mode of transport like the Mumbai local.

The option of a car, the scooter was being considered, but like all the plans of the country, the corona epidemic gifted by the Chinese ruined our plan.

Given the danger of corona infection in public transport, Bhai Saheb brought a shining new cycle to go to work.

Had it not been for the Corona period, I might have ridiculed his choice of this Stone Age, but sensing the fragility of time, I became jealous of his wisdom.

The only defence from Corona can’t be a better means of transportation than this for social distance.

The bicycle, which originated in the European countries during the 18th century, is very easy to maintain.

Oiling the cycle chain from time to time, refuelling the wheels from time to time, tightening the nuts and bolts of the bicycle from time to time, taking care of its brakes, cleaning it from time to time to keep it rust-free and the wheel By knowing making punctures, the bicycle can be used for a long time.

The prices of motorcycles and cars started to skyrocket with time, but cycles are still available at very affordable prices. The poor can easily maintain their family by taking it to sell household items or by adopting any other self-employment related to it.

His vehicle is a boon for the workers who go in long chains on the roads riding bicycles to reach the factory in the morning.

In the lockdown, we have seen how pure this air remains without vehicles and factories. With the use of bicycles, this problem of air pollution, which is becoming serious for the earth, can be curbed.

Elderly, young and children, people of all age groups can keep themselves fit and fit by riding a bicycle. Riding a bicycle works to make a person mentally and physically strong.

Unlike other exercises, there is no risk of injury and no special technical knowledge is required to operate it.

By cycling daily, the muscles of the body are strengthened and body fat is also not formed. Cycling leaves behind high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Research has revealed that continuous cyclists have a lower risk of diabetes and heart attack than other people.

Time has indeed challenged the cycle. Buses, trucks, cars, expensive motorcycles running on the road leave the cyclist behind somewhere in the speed.

Everyone is short of time in this fast-paced life. Man is running a blind race behind the development. In that, more time spent travelling on a bicycle starts pricking the person.

But Corona has shown how nature can stop man’s speed at any time and anyway the joy of travelling on a bicycle away from the throngs of metro stations, stifling throngs of buses and unsafe speeding cycles is something else.

There is no ear chirping music of auto cycling, no fake faces of people travelling staring at each other. If there is then only your improving health and your talk with yourself which has been lost somewhere in today’s social scenario.

The construction of a separate lane for cyclists from the main road can make the journey safer from the fast-moving vehicles on the road.

The use of helmets should be made mandatory during cycle riding and on this World Bicycle Day, the government should start seriously considering making bicycle riding a ride of pride without any delay.

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