Corona virus: third wave, vaccination and India

Corona virus: third wave, vaccination and India

By the end of the second wave of covid, people started making different predictions about the third wave. Even now the search for new types of covid is going on continuously.

At present, the situation is normal in our country except in one or two states. Until recently, seeing the area of ​​India and people showing interest in vaccination, it seemed that the third wave would definitely come.

The situation was worse in the villages, as the rural people thought that this disease was only for the people of the city.

But given the devastating effect of the second wave, fear prevailed among the people in the villages as well.

Coronavirus: third wave, vaccination and India

Right now, given the third wave, the administrative staff is putting full emphasis on prevention measures.

In the second wave, there was a severe shortage of ICU beds and oxygen in the hospital, due to which there were heavy casualties.

However, the painful scene of migration due to the lockdown in the first wave was not visible in the second wave.

Now, however, both the governance and the administration are making their own strategies to prepare for the third wave. Given the third wave of covid, many things are being said, that the third wave will definitely come and it will be more frightening than the second wave.

Children will be affected more by the third wave and the covid vaccine will help to a great extent in preventing this disease. Although the vaccine will not stop the infection, it will not cause death.

Doctors are also included in such things. The kind of apathy and hesitation seen among the common people regarding vaccination earlier is no longer there and people are getting vaccinated rapidly.

Till the second wave, people were hesitant to get vaccinated due to some politicians’ trickery and all the misconceptions, but now it is not so. At present, the work of vaccination is going on at a rapid pace.

Those who used to run away from getting vaccinated earlier saw that all the educated people living around them are getting vaccinated and no one is dying of covid, so they understood that there is no special benefit from getting vaccinated.

There will be no problem and they too were inspired to get vaccinated. Today, lakhs of people are getting vaccinated every day.

However, the speed of vaccination will have to be increased further. Presently, the government is faced with the problem of the supply of vaccines and not of evacuating those who are vaccinated.

Vaccines enhance the immunity of humans. The government should ensure the availability of as many vaccines as possible.

However, there is no time to rest assured, as the danger is not over yet. Some new cases are coming to the fore in different states.

A large number of new cases are being reported every day in Kerala and Maharashtra. In such a situation, it is still necessary to follow the appropriate rules of covid.

The role of masks, sanitisers and social distancing is very important in the fight against covid.

Especially now the festive season is about to start, so it is necessary to take necessary precautions.

People also need to avoid going into the crowd. At such a time, when all kinds of social and industrial activities have started, it is necessary to follow the COVID appropriate behaviour.

Since now almost all the schools have also opened, it is important to pay attention to the safety of the children as well.

They have to be made aware of following the covid appropriate behaviour.

At this time due to covid, the methods of prevention from other diseases are not being given as much attention, which is wrong.

At present, more than fifty children have died due to dengue in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. That is why we have to fight not only against covid but also against other diseases so that there is no loss of public and money.


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