A bizarre human in Hazaribagh Alien / ghost. People in shock seeing

People in shock seeing a bizarre human in Hazaribagh. Somebody said that Alien and some ghost

Passengers spotted a strange human walking on the newly constructed bridge of the Chhada Dam at Hazaribagh late Friday evening at around 8.30 pm.

Passengers and bike drivers who came to see this bizarre tall man, who looked like a woman, looked stunned.

Seeing the strange human figure, the frightened bike riders started fleeing, some passers-by hurriedly changed their way and started towards their destination. Along with this, the market of all kinds of discussions also became hot.

Someone called it ghost, vampire and witch, and someone called it Alien.


People also expressed apprehension that there is a cremation ground in the river near the bridge. Here the dead are burnt.

There is also a burial ground, where the dead body is buried by the Hindus. People say that many have died prematurely due to drowning in the dam.

Perhaps the soul of any of them is wandering. However, there is an atmosphere of fear among the passers-by regarding this strange case.

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