(CDSCO) of India used emergency medicine for a drug made by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche

(CDSCO) of India used emergency medicine for a drug made by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche

(CDSCO) of India used emergency medicine for a drug made by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche

In the year 2020, Corona was hit hard on the powerful country of the world, America. Transition figures were skyrocketing. Health services were getting burdened with patients.

In such a situation, the then US President Donald Trump was seen without a mask. His supporters also opposed the mask.

In October 2020, Donald Trump himself became corona infected. However, a few days later, he recovered and came in front of the world. He reveals that he has taken such a strong cocktail of antibodies that Corona lost. It was discussed a lot then.

Now this antibody cocktail of Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche has been approved for emergency trials in India as well. What the hell is this antibody cocktail and how does it help corona patients.

Approval received in India for Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche

India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has allowed emergency use of a drug made by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche. This drug is helpful in the treatment of corona patients.

It is a special kind of antibody cocktail or a mixture of two antibodies. In the US, it was called Regeneron Cocktail, because it was made by the company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

It is categorized as an Investigational Drug. Meaning that the chemical of this drug has been found safe in the lab by the American Food and Drug Administration. But their clinical trials are yet to be done. The discussion of this special treatment first came in October 2020, when the dose was taken by then US President Donald Trump.

What is this cocktail?

This cocktail is of antibodies. It is made by mixing casirivimab and imdevimab. It is used for such corona patients with low and moderate symptoms of corona who are in the high-risk category. Means aged or already suffering from any disease etc.

Also, understand the antibodies on hand. When a virus or bacteria arrives in our body, it tries to harm us. During that time some proteins are produced inside our body, which is the size of Y shape, these proteins fight to reduce the effects of viruses and bacteria. This protein is called antibody or immunoglobulin (Ig).

This antibody has been made in the lab by a Swiss company. These antibodies made in the lab mimic the immunity of the body and fight against viruses etc. These antibodies, named casirivimab and imdivimab, specifically attack the spike proteins of the coronavirus. The same spike proteins appear like thorns on the coronavirus. It is through these that the virus sticks to human cells. This antibody prevents this spike from sticking.

The Roche company has stated in its statement that –

  • Antibodies have been made through special engineering in such a way that they bind the spikes of the coronavirus. This cocktail reduces the effect of the virus and controls the infection.

Who is this for?

This cocktail of antibodies is not for all Corona patients. It can be given to corona patients with low or moderate symptoms of corona within 10 days of showing the initial symptoms.

It can also be given to adults or children 12 years or above. It has been recommended to be given to those patients in which there is a risk of serious infection of the corona.

This includes people above 60 years of age and those who are already suffering from diabetes, kidney-lung disease, BP or heart related diseases. Seriously hospitalized corona patients cannot be given this.

How much and how is its dose given?

A dose of 1200 mg is given by mixing both casirivimab and imdivimab. Means 600 mg cassirivimab and 600 mg imdivimab. It is delivered to the body via injection. It is stored at 2 ° to 8 ° C.

How effective is it?

oche, a cocktail maker of antibodies, has claimed to be effective based on its clinical trials. The company claims that it reduces the risk of corona patients getting admitted to the hospital by up to 70 per cent. A cocktail of cassirivimab and imdivimab also limit the symptoms of the corona to 4 days.

When and for how much?

For its availability, the Swiss company has made Cipla its marketing partner in India. The managing director of Roche Pharma India said in an emailed reply to the English newspaper The Indian Express that

We are working on ensuring the supply of medicine as quickly as possible. The company will import it in India and will sell it in the market together with Cipla. It is too early to say how many doses will have to be paid.

We are in talks with Cipla. As soon as they come with the launch plan, information will be given about it.

At present, how much will it be priced in India and where and through which channel it will be available, the answer remains to be found.

The biggest question is that when people are in long queues for the treatment already available, how can it be easily reached to the patients?

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