Big attack on Israel after 7 years: Palestine fired 300 rockets, killed3 people

Big attack on Israel after 7 years: Palestine fired 300 rockets, killed3 people

Big attack on Israel after 7 years: Palestine fired 300 rockets, killed 3 people

Big attack on Israel after 7 years: Palestine fired 300 rockets, killed 3 people including Indian woman; Israeli Airforce counter-attack continues.

A major war-like situation has now arisen between Israel and the Palestinians. On Tuesday, the Israel capital Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and the city of Holon were targeted by the Hamas (Israel considers it a terrorist organization) organization.

Till late night, 3 general people were reported killed in these attacks. In response, the Israeli Air Force attacked the Hamas-occupied Gaza Strip.


A 13-storey building was targeted here.

According to Israel, this building housed the office of the political wing of Hamal. This building has now been turned into a pile of rubble.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz have made it clear that Hamas will have to pay a huge price for these attacks.

Netanyahu said –

  • just understand one thing. Terrorists will have to pay a huge price for these attacks. More than 38 people have been killed in this conflict since Sunday.

Earlier, in 2014 there was a violent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Indian woman also died in Israel

Indian woman Soumya Santosh (32) has also died in Hamas rocket attacks. This information was given by the news agency quoting the Times of Israel on the intervening night of Tuesday-Wednesday. Soumya used to work here.


He is survived by a 9-year-old son and husband. Israeli Ambassador Ron Malka in India confirmed Soumya’s death and expressed condolences to his family. He said – Israel has never bowed before terrorists, and will not bow down.

Hamas Silence

Speaking to the Times of Israel, a Hamas spokesman said – Tuesday evening, we fired 130 rockets towards Israel. Within 24 hours, their number has exceeded 300.

When asked by the spokesperson how much damage was caused by the Israeli Air Force attack, he refused to say anything.

Hamas may not say anything, but Israel has done him a lot of damage. Israel has demolished many tall buildings in the Gaza Strip.

One of these houses the office of the political wing of Hamas in a 13-story building. During the day, 700 to 1200 people live here. At present, it is not known how many people were present at the time of the attack. Perhaps this is the reason why Hamas is also silent about this.

Locals hid in this way during rocket attacks in the city of Ashkelon, Israel.

Trump said – These attacks show Biden’s weakness

In a conversation with the Times of Israel, former US President Donald Trump described these attacks as a weakness of Joe Biden.

Said- When I was President there was peace between Israel and Palestine. The rest of the enemies of Palestine and Israel knew that America stood with Israel in any case. If he is attacked, we too will not leave his enemy. Violence is on the rise during Biden and this is his weakness.

The struggle continues from Sunday

After the victory in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Israel has been celebrating Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of that victory.

Sheikh Jarrah area of ​​Jerusalem is considered by both Jews and Muslims to be a holy place. The Palestinians present outside the Al Aqsa Mosque here pelted stones at the people praying near the holy wall and the soldiers guarding them.

Al Aqsa Mosque is in Old Jerusalem. This is also the Temple Mount of the Jews. That is, both the sects consider this place to be their sacred religious place and claim it.

Israel is not ready to bow down

Israel is building a part of the city of Jerusalem as a modern city. Palestinians do not approve of this. Many countries in the world are demanding that Israel stop construction, but Israel says it will continue because it is its territory.

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