Rajiv Gandhi- A listener who walks with everyone and takes everyone along

A listener who walks with everyone and takes everyone along – Rajiv Gandhi

Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi has been such a karma yogi, whose life journey has been filled with many successes of humanity, ease, simplicity, sterility. The national interest was at the centre of his thinking. Sarvadharma harmony was established in his psyche.

Rajiv Gandhi’s personality had an amazing fusion of tradition and modernity. Niyati spared him very little time on the canvas of time, but even in such a short time, he left his unique and indelible mark on the canvas of history. Rajivji, rich in prodigious talent, contained an ideal of simplicity and tenacity.

Rajiv Gandhiji’s entire life was extremely idolized of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, of a very calm and serious nature.

Rajiv Gandhiji A unique personality

Rajiv Gandhi was in favour of sustained dialogue in politics. In an interview given to Mrs Pushpa Bharti during her visit to Japan, she said, “Politics should be the politics of dialogue with the people.”

Rajiv Ji believed that without dialogue, trust cannot be created and politics cannot exist without faith. Applying this mutual dialogue politics, they signed the Punjab, Assam and Mizoram agreements, which brought to an end the years of turmoil, unrest and violent activities in these states.

Rajiv Gandhi assumed the responsibility of the post of Prime Minister of the country in odd circumstances.

With Rajiv Gandhi, the hopes, aspirations and dreams of modern India arose in the minds of crores of Indians. Rajiv Gandhiji, as a leader and Prime Minister, took the country forward on the path of reconstruction and development. He played a special role in making India modern, prosperous and a strong nation.

Listening to everyone and taking everyone along was the biggest characteristic of Rajivji’s personality. He used to look at the problems of the common people very carefully and then work to solve them by giving the right directions, that was his style of work.

Rajiv Gandhi Humanitarian and sensitive politician

Being a sensitive politician, his service to the suffering humanity was his priority. He reached Bhopal immediately after the Bhopal gas tragedy incident, leaving the election campaign.

He preferred service to humanity rather than campaigning. Healed the pain and suffering of the gas victims. Bhopal gas victims also realized that they too have some sympathy which they are worried about.

Rajiv Ji consoled the orphaned children, helpless elders and weeping women, enduring them.

He immediately came to meet the gas victims at Bhopal’s Hamidia Hospital and inquired about the treatment of the victims and gave necessary instructions to the Madhya Pradesh government to provide quick assistance to the gas victims.

After the election, he created a separate “cell” for the Bhopal gas victims in the Prime Minister’s Office. For the treatment of Bhopal gas victims properly, they get appropriate compensation, for this, they prepared an action plan for the relief and rehabilitation of the gas victims and started implementing it in a planned manner.

Village-to-village visits, dialogue and solutions to world problems

Rajivji continued to visit the rural areas of the country. In Madhya Pradesh and other states, he went to such areas where the light of development had not reached. He went to the doors of poor, downtrodden, exploited, oppressed and vulnerable people living in remote areas and understood their problems and tried to overcome them.

In fact, there are many instances in which he got involved in the pain and suffering of the victims irrespective of safety and protocol.

He wanted to see such a golden India in the poor’s hut, in which the golden text of prosperity was written and there, “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Survey Santu Niramaya: Survey Bhadrani Pashintu Ma Kashtin Dukhabha Bhavet”, can be seen as an interview, ie Rajiv Ji.

The efforts of all were to be happy, to be free from all diseases, to be a witness to all auspicious times, and no one had to be a part of suffering.

In areas of the country which have been devastated by natural disasters such as the Maha Chakravat in Orissa, earthquake in Gujarat, drought and flooding in some areas of the country, Rajiv Ji, while being the Prime Minister, helped the affected people with all their life.

He took systematic and effective steps to deal with natural disasters. Relief and rehabilitation work went on smoothly.

In Sri Lanka, there was an ethnic conflict between the Tamils ​​and the Singhal’s, as a result of which lakhs of Tamilians started coming to India as refugees.

The Sri Lankan government was neither able to stop the Tamils ​​from being persecuted by the Singhals nor to protect the Tamils.

At such a time, at the request of the then Sri Lankan President, Mr Jayawardene, Rajivji sent his peace army to Sri Lanka to stop the violence. The efforts of the Indian Peace Keeping Force established peace in Sri Lanka and protected the Tamils.

Rajiv Gandhi, on the occasion of the Summit of the Non-Aligned Countries of Harare (Zimbabwe), proposed the establishment of the “Africa Dictionary” to raise the morale of the countries fighting for the survival of the oppressive policies of the apartheid government of South Africa.

Got it done. 45 countries of the world contributed to this and a huge amount of 25 billion dollars was collected in the Africa dictionary.

Environment, pollution and efforts of Rajiv Ji

Rajiv Gandhi was very much concerned with the problem of the environment, pollution. He took strong steps for the protection of the forest and the environment.

Rajiv Gandhiji believed that there must be a balance in the concept of environmental protection and development. He advocated the promotion of environmental protection and ozone layer degradation through international institutions.

On the initiative of Rajivji, the “Earth Conservation Fund” was established under the aegis of the United Nations.

Rajiv Gandhi showed hope for victory over despair and confidence over-dependence. Rajiv Gandhi believed that the new century should be a century based on knowledge.

Democratic and democratic

Rajiv Gandhi was a true democrat, a man who always welcomed new ideas and constructive criticisms. In Rajivji, whatever role he discharged in his impeccable public and political life, he fully lived up to it.

Whatever role he played as an MP, Prime Minister, Congress President and Leader of Opposition, all of them discharged their duties with dedication in the national interest.

Rajiv Gandhi was the first architect of the information technology revolution in India. Today, the foundation of digital India, which is being talked about in the whole country, was laid by Mr Rajiv Gandhi.

Rajivji became the father of the computer revolution in the country by making the communication revolution happen. Rajivji believed that the future of India could be transformed only through science and technology.

Even the developed nations have not only accepted our technology but also appreciated its high quality globally. Rajiv Ji promoted new programs in the fields of biotechnology, nuclear power, environment etc. and also set up various technology missions for progress in drinking water, food grains, telecom, agriculture and industrial sectors.

Rajivji’s agenda was the development of India and developed modern India was his dream. The law of the law was that his resolve remained incomplete due to his untimely departure from this world.

Shri Rajiv Gandhi, with his persistent efforts, left such an outstanding impression in the public that he would always be remembered with respect for centuries even after he was no longer in the world.

The life, martyrdom and memories of such an era man will always be a source of inspiration for the country.

Written by Political Analyst (Scientist )Nishant Chandravanshi & Political Scientist (Analyst ) Deepa Chandravanshi.

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