GS Khan Sir Patna / Amit Singh / Faizal Khan- Reality?

The reality of GS Khan Sir Patna – Amit Singh or Faizal Khan? History / Controversy / Exposed

The director of Patna-based Khan GS Research Center and a teacher who teaches differently through YouTube, Khan Sir is in controversy on social media. Some are calling him a Sanghi and some are supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Many trends like ‘Report on Khan Sir’ and ‘Fake Khan Sir‘ are going on with ‘Khan Sir‘. Also, clips of some of his videos are being shared and he is being described as ‘Amit Singh‘.’

GS Khan Sir Patna / Amit Singh / Faizal Khan- Reality? controversy

Let us know that ‘Khan Sir’ has 92.7 lakh subscribers on YouTube. ‘Tipu Sultan Party‘ shared a picture of Khan sir, writing, “We do not know whether this person is a Muslim or not, but he is definitely a Sanghi.”

In response to this tweet, Salim Sheikh said that he cannot be a Muslim. While some described it as ‘Sanghi Khan‘, some claimed that his real name is Amit Singh and the students of his academy have named him ‘Khan Sir’.

GS Khan Sir Patna Real Full Name

The real Name of GS Khan Sir Patna is Faizal Khan. He is a famous Bihari Youtuber and a respected teacher in India. He always feels proud to be Indian. To be Bihari.

Patna Khan Sir Poll Voting

#Reportonkhansir #AmitSingh

A user named Rahul Mishra shared the ruck video on Twitter, in which Khan Sir is seen saying, “Modi Ji, I guarantee you that there will be no one to defeat you, as long as the Muslim people will not stop abusing you.”

He also used the words ‘Baklol’ for Sajid Rashidi, Shoaib Jamai and Ansar Raza, saying that they get money for abusing Hindus and Modi.

Mohammad Sameer Vindhani wrote Khan sir as ‘Fake Muslim’ and wrote that his real name is Amit Singh. For this, he shared the text of an alleged interview of Khan sir, which states that in one batch he was named ‘Faizal Khan’, otherwise people used to call him Amit Singh.

Sharing a video of Khan sir, a user named Amit Sharma also wrote that he has explained the difference between Suresh and Abdul quite well. In it, Khan sir says, “One type of compound is duality compound, which has 2 meanings of the same thing.”

Like, Suresh flew the ship. Abdul boarded the ship. Both have different meanings. While Suresh drove the ship, Abdul flew it and provoked it. ”

The user named Thanos wrote ‘New variant’ to BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi while sharing objectionable remarks while sharing the picture of ‘Old variant’ and Khan sir. Used. A Twitter user shared this video taunting whether there will be an FIR against him?

A Twitter user claimed that Khan sir is against terrorism, which is why people of Muslim society are opposing him. However, during this time many people also came out in support of Khan sir and praised his teaching style and research.

People also searched for his motivational videos and tweets were shot after mentioning even APJ Abdul Kalam.

Khan Sir Patna Wikipedia

There is no Wikipedia page of Khan Sir Patna but it will be created soon because he is doing good job for Nation. He helps poor & orphanage students.

Khan sir further said that he had just told those children to write studies. If you do not study, you will not be able to do any good work. On this, the example of making a puncture was given.

Now if someone is educated, he will not die of hunger. It is not right to say that Islam targeted religion. Khan sir said that he never targeted Hinduism and Islam religion.

A mystery is woven around Khan sir. More information about them is not available so easily.

In his introduction on his YouTube channel, only Khan sir is written in the name. Patna’s address is registered. 2 phone numbers are registered. We mixed both numbers. Not even a single thought.

The information that is available in the public forum says that the full name is Faizal Khan. Born in Gorakhpur, UP. Wanted to go to NDA. If not clear physically, then started a YouTube channel to teach people, which became a big hit due to their good style of teaching and good research.

Khan Sir Patna wife name

Khar Sir Patna is not married. Khan Sir Patna is still single and so there is no Wife of Khan Sir Patna.

Where does Khan Sir Patna Live?

Currently, Khan Sir lives in Patna, Bihar but he was born in a middle-class family in Gorakhpur District of Uttar Pradesh (UP). A wide-ranging team works for Khan Sir’s video production and research.

Khan sir also said that those who have problems with that video, tell them to play the part 10 minutes before that clip and also the part after 10 minutes. Because a half-truth is more dangerous than the whole lie.

He said that if someone sees that video by twisting and tearing it half-incomplete, then it will hurt. But he never intended to hurt anyone. He told that he intends that the children who are appearing in the Civil Services Examination have to write two pages on the international topic in the exam.

As is the case with Israel and Palestine. Your feelings will not work in that. According to this, the whole matter has to be explained in detail, so that the children understand. They remember it as a story.

Khan sir also said that he has taught more than 10 thousand hours so far. If someone is having problems with a 20-second clip, it means that it is far from reality.

At the same time, some people wrote that they support Khan sir because they did not write anything wrong.


The era of social media is such that in a blink of an eye, a man reaches the floor in terms of popularity and hauls from the floor. Raising the dead issues is the favourite work of active people on social media.

In doing so, people do not hawk even by removing the skin. Something similar has happened with Khan sir, who teaches GS in Patna.

Khan sir teaches GS in a very funny way. They have their own YouTube channel. His YouTube channel named Khan GS Research Center has over 92 lakh subscribers. He continues to teach special topics in his Bihari style and also makes special comments. This is usually

Khan Sir had put a video on France-Pakistan relations on 24 April. In this video, he mentioned at one place that mass protests are taking place in Pakistan to send back the French ambassador. Children are also participating in these protests.

Commented on people of a particular religion

During this time, the comment he made has caused a lot of ruckuses. He said, ‘This poor child is saved in e rally. No one knows what the ambassador is, what he knows. But the French ambassador will be taken out.

They do not know anything. Babu people, you guys read. Do not come at the behest of the father. Abba is just punching. If you do the same, then you will grow and get punctured.

So don’t get punctured or else you know that if nothing happens, you will cut meat while sitting at the square.

Buckle somewhere Tell me, is this Omar to bring the children here? ‘

After this, Khan got swayed by the sentiment and commented against a religious sect and said, but what to do, if 18-19 children are born, then what will be the use? Some will wash the dishes, some will bite the goat, some will make a puncture.

This clip of Khan sir’s video went viral on Twitter and created a ruckus. #Reportonkhansir started trending due to comments made against a particular religion.

If some Sanghis, some people started calling them Islamophobic. People got divided into two groups, one in their favour and the other started commenting against them.

What is the name Amit Singh or Faizal Khan?

The matter reached here that people started to search for the horoscope of Khan sir. Some have even found that video clip in which they are seen saying that people call them Amit Singh.

In such a situation, #AmitSingh also started trending. After this, some other theories also came up with the name of Khan sir, in which his Gorakhpur and Allahabad connection was also investigated and his name is being told by Faizal Khan.

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