Not equal to Israel, but not even less Hamas strength, know who is helping

Not equal to Israel, but not even less Hamas strength, know who is helping

Not equal to Israel, but not even less Hamas strength, know who is helping

In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, the question has started to arise that how much Hamas strength is there? Who are his helpers?

Armed conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for the last three-four days. There are deaths on both sides.

Although there are fewer deaths in Israel, Hamas, which is facing it, is also strong. He is not equal to Israel or even very weak. He also has friends who are helping him. However, the power of Israel is not hidden from anyone.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which is fighting for the independence of Palestine, cannot equal Israel but has the power to harm it. They have attacked Israel many times before. Palestine has ground-to-surface missiles. Hamas had also used anti-tank missiles in the past.

Egypt is giving missiles

It is believed that Egypt is giving these missiles to Hamas and Palestine. They have reached Hamas through tunnels from its Sinai Peninsula. It is also being said that the armaments that Hamas and ‘Islamic Jihad’ have are being constructed in the Gaza Strip. With them, he can kill Israel deep inside.

Technical help reaching from Iran

Hamas and other militant groups in the Palestinian-occupied Gaza Strip have modern technology for making weapons from Iran. Experts say that arms factories in the Gaza Strip are running with the help of Iran. That is why Israel is targeting them.

Hamas has a stock of arms

Experts say that the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas has a huge stock of weapons. These include different types of weapons. He has fired several missiles towards Israel. They are equipped with heavy explosives.

Kasam missiles have a range of 10 km but have greater firepower. Hamas also has Quads 101, missiles, grad systems and Sezil 55 missiles. There are already mortars to hit short distances.

In addition, Hamas also has missiles with a range of up to 200 km. These include M-75, Fajr and other missiles.

Israel is saving anti-missile system

Hamas has fired more than a thousand missiles or rockets over Israel in the last three days. 200 of these fell in Gaza.

The Israeli army says that 90 per cent of the missiles coming towards it are destroyed by its ‘Iron Dome Anti Missile System’.

Israel has all the other modern weapons and the world’s most powerful electronic defence and intelligence system.

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