Goddess 🥇 Health, Wellbeing & Transcendence

Goddess – Health, Wellbeing & Transcendence

This is the first night of Navaratri, and this night and this day, this coming day
after this is dedicated to the feminine nature of the divine.

Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati are used as the symbols of these three dimensions of the feminine.

They also represent the three basic qualities of existence – tamas, rajas, and sattva.

  • Tamas literally means inertia.
  • Rajas mean activity, passion.
  • Sattva, in a way, is breaking of boundaries, dissolution, melting, and merging.

Among the three celestial objects to which the very making of our bodies are very deeply connected
the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon.

  • Mother Earth is considered tamas.
  • The Sun is rajas.
  • Moon is sattva.

Goddess – Health, Wellbeing & Transcendence

Those who aspire for power, for immortality, for strength, will worship those forms of the feminine which are referred to as tamas, like the Kali or the Mother Earth.

Writer 🙂 The article is written by Deepa Chandravanshi. 🙂

Those who aspire for wealth, for passion, for life, and various other gifts that the material world has to offer,
they naturally aspire towards that form of the feminine which is referred to as Lakshmi or the Sun.

Those who aspire for knowledge, knowing, transcendence, the immortality of not the body but transcending the limitations of the mortal body, will aspire for that aspect of the feminine which is referred to as the sattva, or Saraswati is the representative of that or the Moon.

So, these three days are the days of the feminine, for those of you who are not aware of this.

The Linga Bhairavi has been consecrated with three basic chakras, to represent three…
these three dimensions of tamas, rajas, and sattva.

Tamas is the nature of the earth, and today is her day.

And she is the one who gives birth.

Goddess – Health, Wellbeing & Transcendence

The whole…

the gestation period that we spent in the womb, our womb time is tamas, it’s like a…
state which is almost like hibernation, but it’s growing.

So tamas is the nature of the earth, of your birth.

The moment you come out, then you start an activity – rajas begins.

If you are aware enough or fortunate enough, sattva will touch you, otherwise the color of rajas, it’s good as long as the going is good.

When the going gets bad, rajas is going to be super bad.

So, what was absolute inertia now has become dynamic rajas.

This may transcend or may again go back to the same thing.

Durga-Lakshmi, Durga-Lakshmi, Durga-Lakshmi…

Saraswati never happened, that means you are in the cycle, you are in the trap of life and death, life and death, life and death – transcendence is yet to come.

Goddess – Health, Wellbeing & Transcendence

So, these two will anyway happen.


What is in a state of inertia will get into a state of rajas and activity and again fall back and become inertia for a certain period of time and again get back into activity.

This is happening to you as an individual, this is happening to the planet, this is happening to the galaxy, this is happening to the whole cosmos.

It goes into a state of inertia and then becomes dynamic and again goes into a state of inertia,
but the important thing is this one (Referring to oneself) has the capability to break the cycle and transcend.

So, these three dimensions of the Devi are enshrined in the form of Bhairavi or Linga Bhairavi.

So, these three days you must be able to draw these three dimensions of existence and sustenance for yourself because you need all these three.

The first two are needed for your survival and well-being.

The third is an aspiration to go beyond.

So, these nine days, above all, to approach every aspect of life in a celebratory way, this is most important.

If you approach everything in a celebratory way, you learn to be non-serious about life but absolutely involved.

The problem with most human beings right now is if they think something is important, they will become dead serious about it.

Goddess – Health, Wellbeing & Transcendence

If they think it is not so important, they will become lax about it, they don’t show the necessary involvement.

If you’re serious… in English probably,
‘He’s in a very serious condition,’ means next step you know where.

And a lot of people are in serious condition.

There is only one thing that’s going to happen to them which is of any significance, rest will bypass them,
because anything that they think is not serious they are unable to show involvement and dedication towards that,
that’s the whole problem.

The passage, the secret of life is in just this, seeing everything with a non-serious eye,
but absolutely involved, like a game.

That’s the reason most profound aspects of life are approached in a celebratory way so that you don’t miss the point.


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AUTHORDeepa Chandravanshi

Deepa Chandravanshi is the founder of The Magadha Times & Chandravanshi. Deepa Chandravanshi is a writer, Social Activist & Political Commentator.


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