🥇What is Anarchy? ⚔️ Explained

What is Anarchy? Explained

Anarchy (anarchism) is an ideal whose principle is anarchism (anarchism). Anarchism is the principle of efforts to establish justice in all human relations by free and spontaneous cooperation between individuals, groups, and nations ending the state.

The heart of the punk movement in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

A driving force for civil wars and violent revolutions.

A concept held in esteem by activists like Leo Tolstoy, Noam Chomsky, and Mahatma Gandhi.

So, what is it?

What is Anarchy?

Anarchy, very simply, is a state of being without any government or authority.

The original concept of anarchy was born alongside and in response to, the concepts of democracy and other political systems.


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But it wasn’t until later, around the 18th and 19th centuries that modern anarchist philosophy was fully developed in Western countries.

Following the French Revolution, anarchism gained prominence as a political alternative to theocracies or monarchies, and as an attempt to achieve total equality by eliminating authoritarian roles.

However, as Noam Chomsky and other academics have admitted, it is somewhat of an unrealistic utopian theory.

Many forms of modern anarchy are political ideologies that hold the government responsible for the world’s problems.

Because there are many forms of state control, there are many different forms of anarchy.

For example – Anarcha-feminism says that the hierarchies of the state lead to patriarchy, which leads to oppression.

Green-Anarchism states that environmental exploitation is a result of capitalist government policy.

And despite the violence commonly associated with anarchy, Anarcho-Pacifism holds that it is the state that creates unnecessary political violence and should therefore be abolished.

In fact, violence is not an intrinsic part of modern anarchism, as many believe.

Tolstoy and Gandhi specifically petitioned against all forms of violence.

And Chomsky has said that, quote, “[anarchy] is not… people running around the streets… breaking store windows, [it’s] a conception of a very organized society… with as little control as is feasible”.

While violence is still controversially used by some groups of anarchists, in order to destroy systems of government, many anarchists renounce it.

What is Anarchy?

A lot of people would agree that anarchism is a good idea, in theory, because it promotes both freedom and egalitarianism.


anarchy caught


However, in practice, it would be difficult to perfect.

As Chomsky explains, anarchy is a response to oppressive political movements rather than as a stand-alone system of government.

Democracy is another political theory that is often more hard to understand than you might think.



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