RIP | NASA Pays Homage To Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins

RIP | NASA Pays Homage To Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins

NASA Pays Rich Homage To Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins

Astronaut Michael Collins, who was a crew member of the Apollo 11 mission reaching the moon, has passed away. On 28 April 2021, the 90-year-old Collins breathed his last.

It was Collins who landed the spacecraft on the moon, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reaching the moon. Collins had cancer and had been battling the disease for a long time.

The 91-year-old Aldrin is now the only surviving member of this mission.

Apollo 11 mission is the story of human being reaching the moon. Man’s story of victory and passion. Prior to Apollo 11, many US missions failed and some astronauts were killed.

Many astronauts were also scared in this situation, but Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong took Apollo 11 to the moon. Waved the American flag on the moon and then returned safely to the earth.

Michael Collins had a very difficult job

Neil Armstrong made his first move to the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, and he became the first person on earth to do so. Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon after Neil.

The responsibility of Michael Collins was to bring Apollo 11 to the moon in the right and safe way and then reached the earth with Neil and Buzz. The world knows that Michael Collins successfully did this work.

On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 was launched from America’s Kennedy Space Center launch complex 39A at 08:32 am.

On 24 July 1969, the team of Apollo 11 returned to the earth. His landing capsule was dropped in the Pacific Ocean.

Michael Collins’s life was exciting

Michael Collins was born on October 31, 1930. He graduated from the US Military Academy and joined the Airforce. Subsequently, in 1960, he was selected for the US Air Force Experimental Flight Test Pilot School. In the year 1966, he took ‘Gemini 10‘ into space. After this, in 1969, he got the chance to fly Apollo 11.

After returning from the Apollo 11 mission, Collins was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In the same year, he got an assistant secretary job in the Department of State.

A year later, he was made the director of the National Air and Space Museum, where he remained until 1978. In 1985, he opened his own consulting firm.

Michael’s handwritten diary is kept at the National Air and Space Museum. In this diary, he has written many things related to the moon’s journey.


Michael Collins’s grandson said that his grandfather fought bravely with cancer, but eventually lost. However, he chose her last journey in a very peaceful manner.

We are happy that we are the descendants of those who have made a name for themselves in the history of the world.

  • Written by Nishant Chandravanshi & Deepa Chandravanshi
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