US wanted to attack China in 1958, the former Military expert revealed

US wanted to attack China in 1958, the former Military expert revealed, know what was the reason

90-year-old former US military expert Daniel Ellsberg has revealed that the US was so upset with China over the issue of Taiwan that it was determined to launch a nuclear attack in 1958. This decision was taken to save Taiwan from China’s communist rule.

The mainland of China was to be targeted in this attack. Daniel has posted parts of a top-secret document online. They were partially classified in 1975. However, the US also felt that if it did something like this, Russia would support Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But no one was willing to pay any price to the US on the issue of Taiwan.

These documents state that if China does not desist from attacks on Taiwan, it will be attacked in this way. He has spoken to the New York Times saying that the documents he has now released were copied in the early 1970s.

These top-secret were part of Taiwan Conflict Documents. At this time, he has issued these documents because once again there has been a lot of controversy between the US and China on the issue of Taiwan. Let me tell you that Daniels has been famous for leaking the Top Secret Pentagon Papers in the 1971 Vietnam War.

The author of this document has also written that the then Joint Chief of Staff at the time, General Nathan Twining, had made it clear that the US would launch a nuclear attack targeting its airports to stop China.

It has also been written that if there was a fight, the US had no other option than this. The city of Shanghai would also have been targeted. However, at the beginning of this tension, then US President Dwight Eisenhower decided to use and rely on conventional weapons to attack China.

The Taiwan crisis came to an end when the Chinese Army stopped the Taiwan bombing in 1958. The region was left under the control of nationalist forces under Chiang Kai-shek.

Let me tell you that at present China has been saying this for a long time, if Taiwan does not agree, then it will not be deterred from attacking it.

The reason for this issue of China is due to the strengthening of Taiwan and American relations. As the US is supporting Taiwan against China and has stood up to it defensively, so too has China been aggressively pursuing both of them.

Recently, when the US warship went through the Taiwan Water Treaty, China was also very aggressive.

At the same time, the US had clarified that this area is completely free, which is the reason why the American ship had passed through here.

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