Father’s Day Special: Grateful for the role of the father in the family?

Father’s Day Special: Curse the Patriarchy or be grateful for the role of the father in the family?

In our Indian society, the father is considered as God and from here it is verified that the father is everything for his child.

We are proud of the fact that we have preserved this tradition going on since time immemorial in our civilization in the same way.

Fatherhood Day.

A day to expound on the role and importance of the father in society and family. There has been a change in the role of both father and mother in the Corona period. While the mother has emerged as the main centre of the family in this crisis of the epidemic, there has been a change and increase in the responsibility and responsibility of the father.

Often while talking on Father’s Day, we bring forth the patriarchal side and get involved in its criticism and criticism, but for this work and advice, the whole year has been spent, while one day the sensitivity towards father and family is remembered. can go.

However, all the sympathy and sensitivity towards the father and him is being expressed on social media at this time.

While on the one hand there is a lot of posts with ‘Best Dad Ever, on the other hand, it is trending that “Your father is the best, then talk to him on inter-caste marriage, casteism or gender discrimination, then you will know how right you are?”

We tend to be very one-sided when writing the second point. Remember this patriarchal thinking is not of today or tomorrow, it has a very long history and why do we want a revolution in one day?

If we go beyond this thinking, today our father is not treating his wife as a ‘thing’, taking care of her small happiness, understanding her troubles and giving open sky to daughters, then we should respect it, should we not?

That because of not being able to talk about sexuality, they should get away with patriarchal thinking.

My father gave me all that I wanted by ignoring the things of the society, but I should blame him for carrying patriarchy just because I could not talk about inter-caste marriages?

Although our constitution gives full right to any adult to marry according to his wish, our society is not yet mature enough to accept it. Honour is sacrificed.

As far as I feel that nothing is more important for any father than the happiness of his children, but our society is patriarchal and our father is also from the same society.

In our society, inter-caste marriage is given the name of ‘favour of respect’ and in such a situation it is foolish to expect from our father that he will not be bothered by society.

It is not easy to talk about sexuality in the society our father has lived in, but you are comfortable, aren’t you, you will talk to your children about it.

You and I are there for this further change, our generation will also have to take some responsibility and believe me when these marriages break down, neither is our support only one shoulder and that is our father’s.

In our Indian society, the father is considered as God and this proves that the father is everything for his child.

And we are proud of the fact that we have followed this tradition from time immemorial in our civilization. It is preserved the same way.

By moving one step ahead of this patriarchal society, our father has given us a wonderful life and healthy environment, respect it and our generation is ready to come forward ready to make this patriarchal society better.

Remember, revolution does not happen in a day, its various stages must be respected.

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AUTHORDeepa Chandravanshi

Deepa Chandravanshi is the founder of The Magadha Times & Chandravanshi. Deepa Chandravanshi is a writer, Social Activist & Political Commentator.


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