Arvind Kejriwal AAP Delhi Government allowed Home Delivery of Liquor

Arvind Kejriwal AAP Delhi Government allowed Home Delivery of Liquor

Arvind Kejriwal AAP Delhi Government allowed Home Delivery of Liquor

Arvind Kejriwal Government of Delhi, the country’s capital, has now allowed home delivery of liquor. Now there will be home delivery of liquor in Delhi through mobile app and website. Earlier, the Chhattisgarh government started the home delivery of alcohol amidst the coronavirus epidemic.

Explain that according to the Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, L-13 license holders will be allowed to deliver liquor to people’s homes. Anyone who has an L-13 license can make home delivery when the order arrives.

Apart from this, it has been said in the notification that license holders will be able to deliver liquor at homes only through the mobile app or online web portal.

At the same time, no home delivery of alcohol will be done in the hostel, office and institute. Although the Delhi government had also considered last year’s home delivery policy of liquor but found that home delivery is not possible under the existing rules, so the policy has been amended.

Indian liquor and foreign liquor will be delivered home

According to the notification issued by the Delhi government, home delivery of foreign liquor along with Indian liquor will be allowed in Delhi on order through the mobile app or online web portal.

Although home delivery of liquor was allowed in Delhi even earlier when the licensee could deliver liquor after receiving the order through email or fax.

Let us tell you that last year the Supreme Court asked states to consider home delivery of liquor. It was suggested, because at the time of the Corona epidemic, due to heavy crowd outside liquor shops, social distancing was flouted.

However, home delivery of liquor in Delhi has been allowed to be delivered only to L-13 license holders. It is clear from this that liquor shops across the city have not been authorized to make home delivery of liquor immediately.

Taking a dig at this order of the Delhi government, Delhi BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana has said that on one hand, while Delhi was fighting Corona, on the other hand, CM Kejriwal was preparing how to drink liquor to the people of Delhi by joining with liquor mafia were.

He tweeted and said, ‘It is reported that with the grace of CM Arvind Kejriwal, home delivery of liquor will now be done in Delhi.’

With this, Harish Khurana said that if Kejriwal could not provide corona vaccination to Delhiites, then he must have thought let’s get liquor. They have definitely done this great work.

Earlier too, Delhi BJP had targeted the Delhi government and said that under the new excise policy, Arvind Kejriwal is taking steps to push our youth intoxicated. Let us tell you that earlier the Delhi government had also cut the age of drinking of youth in Delhi, on which the Delhi BJP had surrounded the government.


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