Swami Ramdev claims- Ayurvedic treatment of black fungus is coming within a week

Swami Ramdev claims- Ayurvedic treatment of black fungus is coming within a week

Swami Ramdev claims- Ayurvedic treatment of black fungus is coming within a week

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev has claimed that he is going to bring Ayurvedic medicine for Black Fungus within a week.

The havoc of Coronavirus in India is gradually decreasing, but Black Fungus has emerged as a big threat and the number of infected is increasing continuously. Meanwhile, Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev has claimed that he will soon be coming with the medicine of black fungus.

Ayurvedic treatment of fungus will come within a week

In a program, Swami Ramdev said, ‘I am going to get Ayurvedic treatment of Black Fungus, Yellow Fungus and White Fungus within a week. Work has been completed for this and the process is in the final stage. We are currently making medicine for the fungus.

How Baba Ramdev-IMA dispute started

The dispute between Baba Ramdev and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) started over a statement. Baba Ramdev had termed Modern Allopathy as Stupid and Bankrupt Science. However, on the appeal of Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, he withdrew his statement.

Baba Ramdev asked 25 questions from IMA

After withdrawing the statement, Swami Ramdev asked 25 questions to the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and pharma companies. Baba Ramdev asked questions about many diseases like BP, Type-1, Type-2 diabetes, Thyroid and whether he has a permanent solution for them. Baba Ramdev said that allopathy has medicine to cure fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis.

I am not against allopathy and doctors: Swami Ramdev

On the controversy with the IMA, Baba Ramdev said, ‘I am neither against allopathy nor against doctors and there is no question of being against IMA. Well, he has to run his politics and he has to do his leadership among the doctors, so there is no question of fighting with him.

He said, ‘My real fight is against the drug mafia, who sell two rupees medicine for 2000 rupees and sometimes for 10-10 thousand rupees. Apart from this, do non-essential operations and do non-essential tests.

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