Al Jazeera and AP Media Office in Gaza devastated by Israeli Airstrike

Al Jazeera and AP Media Office in Gaza devastated by Israeli Airstrike

Al Jazeera and AP Media Office in Gaza devastated by Israeli Airstrike. The 12-storey building collapsed in seconds

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) airstrike on Saturday evening destroyed the 12-storey apartment (Gaza Tower), which housed the offices of several newsgroups, including the American Media Associated Press (AP) and Qatar’s media house Al Jazeera.

The IDF announced the attack. In this, people were asked to vacate their houses. Exactly one hour later, Israel’s fighter plane began bombing. In a few seconds, the 12-storey building was destroyed.

Here, the IDF has clarified after the media was accused of assault. The IDF has said that the political wing of Hamas (Israel considers it a terrorist organization) was also the office in the Gaza tower which was attacked and demolished.

The Israeli force has accused Hamas of using the press and media houses as a shield. The IDF said that we had given enough time to vacate the building before the attack.

So far 126 people have died in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. They also include 31 children. More than 950 people have been injured in attacks on both sides. Of the dead, 9 are Israeli and the rest are Palestinian.

Hamas fired 2300 rockets

The IDF issued a statement stating that 200 rockets were released from Israel on the Gaza Strip from 7 pm on Friday to 7 am on Saturday.

More than 100 of them were killed in the air by the Iron Dome. These were supposed to fall in Israel’s population area. 30 misfires and fell on Gaza.

Syrian side also launched 3 rockets on Israel on Saturday. One of them misfired and fell into Syria itself. So far, Hamas has left 2300 rockets to Israel.

9 Palestinians killed in riots

After the war of Israel and Palestine, riots are also spreading rapidly in both countries. Palestine’s Health Department has said about 9 people were killed in the riots on Friday.

In its statement, the IDF said that after Gaza, incidents of throwing stones and bombs in Israel from the West Bank have started.


More than 3,000 Palestinians are involved in the riots, according to the IDF. Most cases of riots have been reported in the cities of Jerusalem, Laud, Haifa and Sakhanin.

Things became so bad that an emergency had to be imposed in the city of Laud. This is the first time since 1966 that an emergency has been imposed here due to riots.

UN Security Council meeting tomorrow

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called a UN Security Council meeting on Sunday on the issue of Israel-Palestine. He expressed sorrow at the silence of powerful countries on this issue.

UN spokesman Stephen Duja Dujarric said-

  • “The world must unite to restore peace between the two countries.”

A political solution should be found to this issue. Earlier, the United States had blocked the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting to be held on Thursday.

This meeting was called on behalf of China. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has asked the UN to intervene on the issue.

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