why did Juhi Chawla reach court When 5G network trials started in India?

why did Juhi Chawla reach court When 5G network trials started in India?

Why did Juhi Chawla reach court When 5G network trials started in India?

The trial of the 5G network in India is about to start soon. Also, the latest news is that actress Juhi Chawla has reached the court to stop the 5G trial in India. Juhi has applied to the court that telecom companies in India should be stopped from conducting 5G trials.

Why does Juhi want to stop this trial, what is the whole matter?

let us understand.


For a long time, telecom companies were demanding 5G trials from the government in India. The government accepted this demand in early May and finally approved the trial.

The government ordered telecom companies not to limit 5G trials to big cities only. Rather, it should be tried in the areas of villages, towns, small towns also. For this work, the government has given 6 months to the companies.

Companies like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea, MTNL are part of this trial in India. These companies have tie-ups with companies like Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Seedot for 5G devices. However, due to poor relations with China, no Chinese company has been included in this trial.

Talking about speed, 5G internet is almost a hundred times faster than 4G internet. This means after 5G, things like autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and the internet of things will also become common.

Why does Juhi Chawla want to stop the trial?

Juhi Chawla has petitioned the court to stop the 5G trial in India.

Whose first hearing has also been held on 31 May?

Juhi believes that the arrival of 5G can be very harmful to the environment. Talking about this, Juhi told the media,

  • “We are not against technology. Rather, we enjoy using the latest technology devices. Which also includes wireless communication. But with the use of these latest devices, we are constantly in a dilemma about the dangers of this. When we researched the radiation emitted from these devices and network towers, we found ample reasons to prove that radiation is extremely harmful to people’s health.


Juhi says that after the arrival of 5G, the radiation will also increase a hundred times along with the internet speed. We will be in radiation for 24 hours, 12 months, 365 days.

No human, animals, trees, birds, animals, animals will be able to escape from it. According to Juhi, the 5G plan poses a serious threat to the environment and human health of the entire earth.

Is there really that much danger?

By understanding a little science, you will get the answer yourself. There are two types of radiation waves.

The intensity of ionizing radiation is very high. For example ultraviolet waves such as X rays and gamma rays. These waves can harm the body. Even the cells and DNA of the body can be affected. That is why it is said that do not do X-rays again and again. Even sitting in sunlight for a long time is forbidden.

The second is non-ionizing radiation. Their intensity is very less. These waves do not have enough strength to react to the body. For example, radio wave medium, short wave and FM waves.

Similar waves are used in the TV signal, cellphone 4G and 5G technology. The American Cancer Society has found in its study done for many years on radio waves that they are not having any bad effect on humans. There is also a statement of the Ministry of Telecommunication in this matter. He says,

According to the research by SERB (Science and Engineering Research Board), there is no confirmation anywhere that 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G waves have any effect on humans, animals, birds, plants or other animal animals.

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