‘We follow our Policy’, the Twitter representative replied to a Parliamentary Committee Question

‘We follow our Policy’, the Twitter representative replied to a Parliamentary Committee Question

On Friday, representatives of Twitter appeared before the Parliamentary Standing Committee attached to the Ministry of Information Technology, amid the ongoing tussle between the central government and the microblogging site Twitter.

Officials of the Ministry of Information Technology were also present in this meeting. News agency ‘ANI’ in its report quoted sources as saying that when the members of the committee asked Twitter why not fined them for violating the law of the land?

Then in response, a Twitter representative said that ‘we follow our policy. The parliamentary committee has told Twitter that the rules and regulations of the country are at the top and it is not your policy.

The committee, headed by MP Shashi Tharoor, had last week summoned Twitter on issues related to misuse of the platform and protection of citizens’ rights.

It is being told that Shagufta Kamran, Public Policy Manager of Twitter India and Ayushi Kapoor, Legal Consultant have put their point before the committee.

The representatives of Twitter India appeared before the Parliamentary Committee and recorded their statement on the issue of misuse of the social media platform, protection of rights of citizens.

According to the information revealed about this, the committee has reprimanded the officials of the company. Referring to the privacy policy on behalf of Twitter, the committee said that the law of the land is big, not your policy.

Twitter India has told the committee that we follow the rules and have deployed our officers. On this, the committee has reminded Twitter that it has been fined in Ireland before.

The committee has asked Twitter India to tell in writing how many executive authorities Twitter India has to take necessary decisions related to the rules.

Here a Twitter spokesperson has said that ‘We appreciate the opportunity to present our point in front of the committee, which we appreciate.

We will continue to work with the Government of India. We here are committed to protect the citizens and maintain transparency and follow the necessary rules regarding freedom of expression on online platforms.

Let us tell you that the central government has recently abolished the intermediate status of Twitter.

Along with this, the company has also been brought within the limits of Indian laws.

On the other hand, the police have sent a notice to Twitter India MD Manish Maheshwari regarding the trend of provocative videos in the beard-cutting incident of elderly Tantrik Abdul Samad in Loni, asking him to record his statement at Loni Border Police Station within seven days. Will happen.

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