UP Police Manish Sonkar officer quits after being denied leave

UP Police Manish Sonkar officer quits after being denied leave

UP Police Manish Sonkar officer quits after being denied leave

Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh. An officer of DSP rank posted here resigned from the job. Circle officer Manish Sonkar‘s wife became infected with the Coronavirus. In such a situation, he applied for leave to take care of his wife and four-year-old daughter. But he was not discharged. He says that he resigned from his job after getting upset. Jhansi SP Rohan P Kanay has sent the resignation of the CO to the higher officials.

Asked for leave, but put in duty vote counting

Manish Sonkar, posted as CO Sadar in Jhansi, is a 2005 batch PPS officer. One of his letters is also going viral on social media.

According to this, after the wife’s corona was infected, there was no one else in the house to look after their four-year-old daughter. He did not think it appropriate to leave the daughter and wife with the help of a government follower who came a day earlier. Therefore, he had sought a six-day leave from the SSP on 1 May itself.

Despite this, on May 2-3, their duty was imposed at the Baragaon counting center. When he sought leave again on 2 May, the SSP asked him to leave his wife and child with the help of a follower and come on duty. After this, he sent his resignation.

The screenshot of a WhatsApp message on social media is viral. It is being claimed that Manish Sonkar has done this message himself.

SSP has something else to say

When Aaj Tak asked the SSP Jhansi Rohan P. Kanay on this issue, he told a different story. He says that Manish Sonkar can officially keep a follower (assistant for domestic work) at home, while he kept two followers.

He was also paying the second follower from the state treasury. He objected to this and stopped the payment from the government treasury.

After this, Manish Sonkar removed a follower by accusing him of stealing. When a follower was sent to his place, he was removed after complaining of spreading dirt.

Following his attitude, payment was banned. Since then, Manish Sonkar was handing over the heel in duty.


On May 2, the day of the counting of panchayat elections, DM and SSP Jhansi reached the spot. He did not find Deputy SP Manish Sonkar on duty. The SSP Police Force was also dispersed.

After seeing such a view, the SSP talked to Manish Sonkar on the phone and asked him to come on duty. On this, Manish Sonkar sent a photo of his hand-written resignation to SSP on WhatsApp. Which has been sent to high officials.

SSP Rohan P Kanay says that his leave was approved and he was asked to do duty till the election.

















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