Taliban captures a city near Kabul, 255 civilians killed in Ramadan

Taliban captures a city near Kabul, 255 civilians killed in Ramadan

Taliban captures a city near Kabul, 255 civilians killed in Ramadan

Amid violence in Afghanistan, the Taliban have captured the Nerkh district in Wardak province near the capital city of Kabul.

The Taliban have carried out the attack even after announcing a ceasefire for three days before Eid in Ramadan.

The Long War Journal of the American news website FDD has claimed this in its report. Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry has said that a befitting reply has also been given by the National Security Forces.

Khama Press has reported in its report that Afghan security forces have given a befitting reply to the Taliban. A large number of Taliban militants have died in the operation of security forces.

At the same time, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said-

  • “Police headquarters, intelligence department and a large number of army bases in Nerkh district have been captured.”

Taliban spokesman said that we have killed many soldiers of the enemy. Apart from this, many people have been injured and we have kidnapped many people alive.

All the weapons, ammunition and military vehicles of the soldiers have also been captured. During the month of Ramadan in Afghanistan, 255 civilians have died due to Taliban violence. In addition, 500 people have been injured.

Taliban has carried out 200 bomb blasts and carried out 15 suicide attacks during the month of Ramadan itself.

Tolo News has claimed this in its report quoting the Ministry of Home Affairs. Not only this, on Sunday, the Taliban also announced a truce of three days before Eid.

But even after this, he has started violence once again. The shameful attacks of the Taliban before Eid are being strongly condemned.

Explain that the US has announced the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan. The United States has been asked to call all its soldiers home by September 11. Since this announcement, violence from the Taliban in Afghanistan has continued.

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