Sucheta Kriplani🥇A Bengali girl, Grew up in Punjab & UP CM

A Bengali girl grew up in Punjab and became the Chief Minister of UP

Sucheta’s father was a doctor in Ambala. Sucheta studied from Indraprastha and St. Stephens. Then became a lecturer at BHU.

In 1936, socialist leader JB Kripalani got married. So Sucheta changed the name. Work too. Congress joined. Worked hard in the freedom movement.

In 1942, Usha Mehta and Aruna joined the Quit India Movement along with Asaf Ali. These three women were the most talked about in this movement.

In the question of GK, the name of these three comes for this movement. Then when there were riots in Noakhali at the time of independence, she had gone to Sucheta with Mahatma Gandhi there.

Constituent Assembly was formed after independence. Sucheta was representing women in this. Constitution made. In this, Sucheta was vocal about the rights of women.

He sang Vande Mataram before Nehru’s Tryst with Destiny speech. She was also a famous singer.

A Bengali girl grew up in Punjab and became the Chief Minister of UP

Then the politics of the country changed. The freedom struggle started coming down. Evils and weaknesses started appearing in his superiors.

The mutual dislike of the leaders of the Congress is now coming to the fore. Nehru is the most trapped. In a democratic environment, Nehru used his knowledge as a dictatorship.

They think that what they are thinking is right. Supporters of the capitalist economy were angry with Nehru, socialists were also angry. It was a period of idealism.

Whoever thought that Nehru was being alienated from idealism, would have formed his own party.

A Bengali girl grew up in Punjab and became the Chief Minister of UP

In 1952, Acharya JB Kripalani’s relations with Nehru deteriorated. They formed a separate party. Krishak Mazdoor Praja Party. The party turned against Congress.

Sucheta fought with this party in the 1952 Lok Sabha elections and came from New Delhi to win. She also won the 1957 election. This time from congress Because then the estrangement was dispelled.

There seems to be estrangement in reading, but it may also be that the political career has been changed. As soon as politics is understood, questions have also started to arise on the decisions of the seniors.

So this time Nehru made him Minister of State. Later in 1967, she again reached Parliament after winning from Gonda.

JB Kripalani once said about Sucheta joining Congress, ‘Till now I thought Congresspeople are fools. But now it is known that there are gangsters too. She runs away with the wives of others. ‘

Amidst all this, in 1962, he was sent to the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly. From Mendhwal seat of Basti district. Nehru had made them his weapon.

In 1963, she became the Chief Minister of India’s largest state. All this was done to practice politics. During his reign, an incident occurred which was remembered by all.

Government employees had gone on strike regarding payment. 62 days. But Sucheta Digi is not. Payment not increased.

A Bengali girl grew up in Punjab and became the Chief Minister of UP

In 1962, Congress had two factions in UP. One was of Kamalapati Tripathi. Second Chandrabhanu Gupta. It is said that it was Gupta who encouraged Sucheta to become the Chief Minister.

Because Gupta himself lost the election. Kamalapati did not want to let him become the chief minister.

Sucheta retired from politics in 1971. Spent a few days of normal life. Then he died in 1974. Incidentally, there is only one woman MP from New Delhi. Meenakshi Lekhi.

A Bengali girl grew up in Punjab and became the Chief Minister of UP

Chandrabhanu Gupta became Chief Minister again in 1967 after Sucheta Kripalani’s withdrawal. But only for 19 days. By then, Chaudhary Charan Singh had arrived in the name of Lohiaism in UP.

Mulayam Singh Yadav had become an MLA from Jaswantnagar at the age of 28. UP politics was going to take the opposite direction. Was planning to get UP out of the hands of Congress.

It is said that when Sucheta Kripalani was roaming in Noakhali, she used to keep a capsule of cyanide with her. Because at that time anything was happening with the women there. This is mentioned in a book. The series came under the name Great Woman of Modern India. There are these things in the book written on Sucheta Kripalani.

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