Shripati Mishra 🥇History of the fall of Congress in UP

Shripati Mishra: Story of the fall of Congress in UP

The 90s have been very important in UP politics. During this period, the Congress base continued to slide. On the issue of Ram temple and Hindutva, the BJP’s base continued to grow.

At the same time, Mulayam Singh Yadav also established his politics. The Congress used to rely on Brahmin leaders in UP. But at that time, there were so many leaders and so many ‘Brahmin’ leaders that Congress politics was lost. It is a matter of coincidence that even in Bollywood it was a period of decline.

This was also the beginning of the end of the Congress going on at Ram Mandir, Shah Bano, and Bofors. There was a Chief Minister during this period. Shripati Mishra. The story of Mishra who has gone from village politics to reach Lucknow is the story of Congress.

Started with the Socialist Party, but got success in Congress

Shripati Mishra was born in the village of Seshanpur on the border of Sultanpur and Jaunpur. His father was Ramprasad Mishra Rajvaidya. After his initial studies, he moved to Benares.

While studying, Shripati came into the student movement. In 1941, Mishra was elected Secretary of the Union at BHU. Then Mishra started studying law in Lucknow in 1949 in Sultanpur.

But due to his involvement with politics, he tried his luck in elections. In 1952, he fought for Sultanpur Lok Sabha seat from the Socialist Party. But lost Meanwhile, he became a Judicial Magistrate in 1954.

But within four years, in 1958, he resigned from a government job and started advocating again. The intention was to go into politics. After this, he joined the Congress in local politics. There was local penetration only.

Shripati Mishra: History of the fall of Congress in UP

The MLA won the Congress ticket in the UP Assembly elections of 1962. And became the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. At that time there was a terrible political upheaval in Congress. Because there were many leaders of the same height.

Leaders like Sampurnanand, Chandrabhanu Gupta, Kamalapati Tripathi, Tribhuvan Narayan Singh could not live together. It always seems that everyone is beating each other. In this, Chaudhary Charan Singh, influenced by Lohiaism, formed his own party.

Shripati Mishra joined them. In 1969, Shripati Chaudhary was elected MP from Charan Singh’s Bharatiya Kranti Dal. But at that time, Charan Singh’s interference in UP politics was increasing. At the behest of Charan, Shripati Mishra resigned from Sansad. Arrived in UP Legislative Council.

He was in Charan Singh’s cabinet from February 1970 to October 1970. Then till April 1971, Tribhuvan served in Narayan Singh’s cabinet.

Became an education minister in the government. He remained in the Legislative Council from 1970 to 1976. During this time, his closeness with Congress increased again.

This was a period of great upheaval in India. The emergency created many political equations – spoiled. Chaudhary Charan Singh became Prime Minister. But by then Shripati Mishra had separated from them. But remained equal in UP politics.

Shripati Mishra: Story of the fall of Congress in UP.

Chief Minister made from Congress, but Rajiv had to become angry

The Congress returned in the 1980 Legislative Assembly elections. Shripati Mishra also won the legislature again for the third time after 1962 and 1967. And became the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

This period was important in UP politics. Because the Chief Minister was being changed. From 1980 to 1985, the three Chief Ministers of Congress were in UP. First VP Singh was the Chief Minister.

At that time there was a great terror of dacoits in Bundelkhand. VP had announced that I will finish the bandits or else I will design them. The bandits killed his brother only.

Although this happened inadvertently. But VP has designed. So in a hurry, Shripati Mishra was made the Chief Minister in 1982. But during this time, his rage with Rajiv continued to grow.

In July 1984, Shripati Mishra had to step down. However, the term was also almost complete. But it was not even waiting. Mishra in his resignation gave the reason that health is not good.

Shripati Mishra: Story of the fall of Congress in UP

During a 1984 visit to UP, when someone asked Rajiv Gandhi if he was satisfied with the work of Shripati Mishra, he said – “No one can ever be completely satisfied with anyone, but people are satisfied.”

Shripati Mishra became MLA from Isauli in the 1980 election. During his Chief Minister, Shripati Mishra built roads and bridges in Isauli.

The end of Shripati Mishra’s politics is exactly like Congress politics

Then he was MP from Machilishahar from 1985 to 1989. After that, he retired from active politics. He died at Balrampur Hospital in 2002.

In the last days, Congress did not give any consideration to Shripati Mishra. Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. He announced the election in 1984 itself. But Congress also started changing.

New people were replaced by old leaders. Many of his new colleagues arrived. Which were considered more powerful than ministers.

It is said that even Arun Nehru, close to Rajiv, used to treat the old leaders very badly. Shripati Mishra used to be called Sripati. Did not respect anyone.

Shripati Mishra: Story of the fall of Congress in UP

The factionalism in the Congress had reached the climax since the era of Shripati Mishra. People were engaged in pulling each other’s legs. Mulayam Singh Yadav became the Chief Minister in 1989 after Congress lost power. It was the Congress that supported it.

Because the anti-Congress BJP had also increased its base. In this politics, Congress decided to pull support from Mulayam. But it is said that someone in mutual politics leaked this news to Mulayam. Mulayam is a smart leader. Now do not lose in old age.

There used to be something else at that time. As soon as the dawn, Mulayam reached the Governor. The then Governor Satyanarayana Reddy had become a friend of Mulayam.

There are also many stories of this friendship how the governor used to save Mulayam. By the time Narayan Dutt Tiwari reached the Governor to withdraw support, the Governor dissolved the Assembly.

After his death, his sons did not get any special respect in Congress. Although elder son Rakesh became MLC. But in 2016, he also joined the BJP.

At the behest of Rita Bahuguna Joshi, daughter of another Congressman Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna. Rita joined BJP herself. Shrimati Mishra’s younger son Pramod Mishra is also in politics. But the expected success has not been achieved.

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