Should you get vaccinated even if you’ve have COVID Corona?

Should you get vaccinated even if you’ve have COVID  Corona?

Should you get vaccinated even if you’ve had COVID Corona?

The question is if someone gets corona, should they get the corona vaccine or not?

This means after the corona is cured. And if cured, immunity must have been made, thinking whether to get a vaccine or not?

A doctor has given the answer to this. His name is Lancelot Pinto. Infectious disease specialist. He provides services in Khar Hospital in Maharashtra. Pinto wrote on his Twitter account,

“if someone gets coronated after the first dose of a vaccine, whether they should take a second dose or not. Should be taken. So when should it be taken. Based on what I have read, let me tell you a few things. “

Doctor Pinto further said,

“If the corona has been done, it is still advisable to take a second dose of vaccine. The immunity that is created by infection keeps changing. But the immunity that is created by the vaccine is very strong immunity. And anyway, in the next few days, the documentation of both doses of the vaccine is going to be close. “

After this, Dr Pinto told when to take the second dose of the vaccine and how many days should be taken. See his tweets that he posted.


On the question of when to take the vaccine, Doctor Pinto said,

“Some people have an infection of the corona while applying the vaccine, but do not show any symptoms. Some people have mild symptoms. There is no problem in getting these people vaccinated. Also, if a second dose of vaccine is taken within a few days of the corona infection, there will not be any problem there. ”

he adds,

“But if someone has been given plasma during the treatment of corona (which was not to be given), one should wait at least three months to get another dose of the vaccine. If you are experiencing symptoms of corona then you should also wait, so that the symptoms that come inside the body after taking the vaccine do not get further encouraged. In such a situation, the doctor may confuse what exactly the symptoms are causing you. ”

Apart from this, Dr Pinto also shared his views on isolation. They said,

“If you are in isolation, don’t go out to get a vaccine.” When this happens, other people at the vaccine center can also become infected. Many experts are saying that take the second dose between 2 to 12 weeks. But I believe it depends on how you feel. If you are feeling almost right, then you should take another dose. If you are not feeling well, wait a little, but don’t wait more than 12 weeks. “

It has become a matter of social media. The expert who wrote – thought, we have told. Take care of yourself a lot. Keep washing hands Wear a mask And do take the vaccine. If you are not feeling well, do not delay in seeking the advice of a doctor.

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