Paracetamol was filled in Remdesivir, the patient died after being injected

Paracetamol was filled in Remdesivir, the patient died after being injected

Paracetamol was filled in Remdesivir, the patient died after being injected

Ramdesivir. This medicine is being used the most to treat patients infected with the coronavirus. Reports of its black marketing are also coming to light. But now there is shameful news related to Remdesivir, in which some people sold fake drugs for the sake of money. A patient died after applying for that medicine. Police have registered a case against four persons.

The incident is of Baramati in Maharashtra. Swapnil Jadhav (a resident of Faltan, Satara district) undergoing treatment at Gord Hospital here was given a fake remdesivir injection. This led to his death. The hospital doctor Gord had complained to the police about it. On the other hand, a tip-off was also received against the accused.

How did you make fake medicine?

According to Naveed Pathan, who has been associated with today, the accused used to collect empty bottles of remdesivir from hospitals. They would then fill it with paracetamol water. He then packed it like remadesivir and sold it to patients at a higher price.

Indeed, one of the accused worked for health insurance. Relatives of many corona patients used to question him about this injection. That’s why he came up with the idea of making money by selling fake medicines. He started the work with three more people. They used to sell one injection each to patients for Rs. 35,000-35,000.

The accused have been identified as Dilip Gyandev Gaikwad, Sandeep Sanjay Gaikwad Bhigwan, Prashant Siddheshwar Dharat, and Shankar Dada.

Police are now investigating how many more patients these people distributed these fake injections too, whether anyone else was involved in the gang. Additional Superintendent of Police Milind Mohite told Aaj Tak that police will take strict legal action against all those involved.

Narayan Shirgaonkar, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Baramati Division, had said that we have arrested four persons under relevant sections of the IPC, Essential Commodities Act, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, and The Drugs (Price Control) Act.

Police had said that a customer was sent to nab the accused after receiving information about the black marketing of Remdesivir. Two persons selling fake remdesivir were arrested from the Baramati MIDC area.

They were identified as Prashant Ghar and Shankar Bhise. Dilip Gaikwad and Sandeep Gaikwad were arrested after questioning them. Three fake remdesivir bottles were seized from the possession of the accused.

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