Pakistan stuck with ‘Chinese Vaccine’ Sinopharm

Pakistan stuck with ‘Chinese Vaccine’ Sinopharm

Pakistan stuck with ‘Chinese Vaccine’ Sinopharm

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is in talks with Saudi Arabia and some other countries of the Middle East to recognize the vaccination certificate of the Sinopharm vaccine manufactured in China.

Islamabad: Pakistan is stuck with the Corona vaccine sinopharm manufactured by China. Many people have got sinopharm installed in Pakistan, but now some countries are not ready to accept the certificate of this vaccine. The matter has become so bad that Imran Khan is facing the anger of the people. Imran himself is now talking to such countries which are not accepting the certificate of Sinoform.

Imran’s minister clarified

Imran’s minister had to explain this in the media. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that ‘Prime Minister Imran Khan has informed the cabinet that he is in talks with the leaders of the countries concerned on the matter.’

Saudi Arabia gave tension to Imran

Saudi Arabia’s stand has increased the headache of Pakistan. Saudi Arabia is also not recognizing the certificate of vaccination of Chinese vaccines. Only Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are considered safe in Saudi Arabia.

Due to this, people wanting to go for Haj pilgrimage from Pakistan are facing the problem, Saudi Arabia is not considering the Chinese vaccine as safe, due to which Pakistanis are not getting entry there.

Pfizer’s shortage

Due to this, the Government of Pakistan decided that people working abroad or going out would be given the Pfizer vaccine within a month, but Pakistan fell short of it.

Now Pakistan is warning that if this issue is not decided on the global level, then countries that do not accept vaccination certificates of Chinese vaccines will become a problem for the whole world.

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