Israel’s Iron Dome destroys skyrocket of the terrorist organization Hamas

Israel’s Iron Dome destroys skyrocket of the terrorist organization Hamas

Israel’s Iron Dome destroys skyrocket of the terrorist organization Hamas

The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas fired hundreds of rockets against Israel on Tuesday (11 May 2021) in a large-scale terrorist attack on the evening.

In response, on Wednesday (May 12), Israel intensified its attacks on the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas inside the Gaza Strip.

In response to Hamas’ frequent attacks against Israel, Israeli security forces carried out several airstrikes targeting targets in Gaza.

During retaliation on Tuesday, the Israeli demolished an air raid targeting a high-rise residential and office building controlled by Hamas.

Earlier on Tuesday, at least 5 Israelis were killed after hundreds of rockets were launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip. In response to the rocket attacks, Israel fired 140 rockets targeting targets in the coastal area.

Iron Dome protects against Hamas rockets

Israeli Security Forces (IDF) has released a video of deploying an Iron Dome air defence system to prevent rocket attacks conducted in Mangalwal targeting Tel Aviv and Central Israel.

The IDF has posted a series of videos protecting its country. The IDF posted videos of the Iron Dome destroying the rockets fired by Hamas in the sky.

The IDF’s Iron Dome Aerial Defense System destroyed rockets fired on southern Israel on Tuesday.

Another video of Hamas’ continued rocket attacks against Israel being destroyed by the IDF.

The IDF on Monday shared another video of a defensive operation against Hamas rocket attacks in Ashkelon.

What is Israel’s Iron Dome

The high-tech ‘Iron Dome‘ is a short-range air defence system designed to destroy rockets, artillery and mortars.

The surface-to-air missile system has been deployed by Israeli security forces since 2011 and has helped reduce deaths due to rocket attacks against Israeli cities.

The air defence system was developed by Israeli defence firms Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israeli Aerospace Industries with US support.

The Iron Dome air defence system is considered to be the most advanced in the world, with a success rate of up to 90%. However, some rockets still managed to enter Israeli cities, resulting in deaths in Israel from these rocket attacks carried out by Hamas.

Issues with long-held territorial control between Israel and pro-Palestinian forces have once again increased, resulting in large-scale violence and attacks.

Tensions have now erupted following the removal of illegal Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah‘s neighbourhood in East Jerusalem and fresh violence has erupted in the region.

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