Israel-Hamas Conflict: Netanyahu said to pay a big price

Israel-Hamas Conflict: Netanyahu said to pay a big price
  • Israel-Hamas Conflict: Netanyahu said to pay a big price

  • Israel-Hamas Struggle: Netanyahu said to pay a heavy price, Saudi Arabia convened a meeting of 57 Muslim countries.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement, calling for the continuation of the fight, “I said that we will charge a very heavy price from Hamas.”

The possibility of war between Israel and Hamas is increasing. Israel has sent a large number of troops to the Gaza border to fight the Islamic militant group Hamas and has asked 9,000 soldiers to be ready.

Gaza is occupied by Hamas. In the meantime, the Organization of Islamic Countries “Organization of Islamic Co-operation” has called a meeting of foreign ministers of 57 member countries on 16 May.

The OIC tweeted that this meeting has been called at the request of Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, Israel fired heavily from its artillery in the early hours of Friday in an attempt to destroy a wide net of militant tunnels in northern Gaza, after which many Palestinians left the area with their children and belongings.

Six members of the same family were killed in their home in the attack. Palestinian militants fired about 1,800 rockets and the army carried out more than 600 airstrikes in which at least three buildings were demolished.

Despite the ceasefire efforts at the international level, the possibility of war between Israel and Hamas is increasing.

The fight intensified after communal violence in Israel on the fourth night as well. Jewish and Arab groups clashed in the city of Laud.

The clashes took place despite the police giving orders to increase its presence. Smoke was seen in the sky due to explosions in the outskirts of Gaza city.

“Claim to save Jerusalem”

Rafat Tanani, his pregnant wife and four children were killed in an Israeli attack in the northern Gaza Strip.

Rafat’s brother Fadi told that Rafat and his family were going to sleep when the attack took place. The owner of the building and his wife also lost their lives in the attack.

The battle began on Monday when Hamas, claiming to have saved Jerusalem, began firing long-range rockets. Israel retaliated and carried out several airstrikes.

Since then Israel has targeted hundreds of locations in Gaza. Gaza militants fired about 2,000 rockets into Israel, bringing life to a standstill in the southern region of the country.

Many rockets were fired while targeting Tel Aviv city. Gaza’s health ministry said 119 people were killed in the attacks, including 31 children and 19 women, while 830 people were injured.

20 dead, Hamas admitted

Hamas and the Islamic Jihad militant group have confirmed the deaths of 20 people. However, Israel said that the number is much more than this. Seven people died in Israel, including a six-year-old boy and a soldier.

On the outskirts of Gaza City, many Palestinians living close to the northern and eastern border with Israel left their children and belongings on Friday due to shelling and bomb attacks.

In the city, these people arrived in United Nations-run schools by sitting in trucks, on foot or on other animals.


Netanyahu warned

Hedaiya Maroof, who arrived here with 19 members of her family, including a total of 13 children, said, “We were going to leave at night, but we had to wait in the morning due to the bombing of Israeli planes.”

The children were very nervous and screaming. We felt scared for them. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement calling for the fight to continue,” I said that we would charge a very heavy price from Hamas. ” This is what we are doing and will continue to do so with tremendous force. ”

Hamas is also not ready to back down

US President Joe Biden said that he had spoken to Netanyahu to end the fight, but also supported the Israeli leader.

Hamas has also not given any indication of retreat. He fired several rockets throughout the day. Hamas said that it fired the most powerful rocket from Gaza. He also released two drones, which Israel immediately killed.

Hamas military spokesman Abu Ubeda said his group was not intimidated by the ground invasion. He said that the possibility of killing or taking hostages from any attack will increase. This struggle is going on at a time when Eid is being celebrated for Muslims after the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The violence began a month ago

This round of violence began a month ago in Jerusalem where armed Israeli police were stationed during the holy month of Ramadan, the threat of deportation of dozens of Palestinian families by Jewish refugees sparked demonstrations and clashes with police.

In the Al Aqsa Mosque, the police released tear gas shells and hurled grenades at the protesters.

Giving rise to Jewish-Arab violence

This battle has given rise to horrific Jewish-Arab violence in Israel decades later. Israeli media reported that another Jewish person was shot. A group of Arab men attacked an Israeli soldier in Jaffa near Tel Aviv and was hospitalized in critical condition.

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