If the government accepts AIIMS chief, people will not die due to lack of oxygen

If the government accepts AIIMS chief, people will not die due to lack of oxygen

If the government accepts the AIIMS chief Advice, people will not die due to a lack of oxygen

The country is battling the second wave of coronavirus. People are losing their lives due to a lack of basic things like hospital beds and oxygen. Talking at length on the situation in the country, AIIMS Chief Randeep Guleria said that areas with more than 10 percent covid-19 positive should be locked down. He also says that it is the government’s failure not to stop the second wave of covid in India.

There are just two ways to reduce covid cases.

It is most important to prevent a large number of covid cases from coming up every day across the country. Guleria, this wave can be prevented in two ways. Talking to NDTV on Saturday, Dr. Guleria says:

“If I believe, it can be prevented from a two-way attack. First, we have to improve our healthcare infrastructure with immediate effect. Hospitals will have to increase the number of medicines and oxygen faster, from beds. Second, covid cases must be reduced. We can’t allow such a large number of covid cases to come in continuously. To reduce cases, we need to find the most infected or affected areas. If there are more covid positive people in these areas, we should declare them as a continent zone. Lockdowns should also be imposed in these areas if needed. So that the transmission chain breaks and covid cases come down quickly.”

Dr. Guleria also spoke about the deaths of people across the country due to lack of oxygen, who say the distribution of oxygen crisis has to be addressed. There are many parts of the country where oxygen is excessive. The oxygen should be transported to areas where it is deficient.

Remdesivir’t save lives!

These days the demand for Remdesivir in covid patients has increased. But according to doctors, it is just an anti-viral drug. This is not a life-saving drug. Refuting the huge demand for Remdesivir, Dr. Guleria says:

“This medicine is not going to reduce deaths. We’ve got big mixed results about how effective Remdesivir is. Therefore, it has been placed in the category of medicines used in the event of an emergency in India. It can have side effects. Therefore, it is advised to take care of the doctors.”

A total of 3.5 lakh covid-19 cases have been reported from across the country in the last 24 hours. And 2676 people have died. The first wave of coronavirus was slow. But the UK variant of the virus is spreading rapidly.

Dr. Guleria says that between these two waves we had time to increase the number of beds and medicines in our hospitals. But we didn’t pay attention.

So the second wave of the corona has become a bigger problem for us. Dr. Saab also says that if your tests are coming negative. However, if covid symptoms are visible, they should be treated like other covid patients at the Covid Center.


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