Election Commission’s new guideline 2021: West Bengal

Election Commission’s new guideline 2021: West Bengal

Election Commission’s new guideline 2021: West Bengal

A day after the Madras High Court rebuke, the Election Commission (EC) has become strict about the Corona Protocol in electoral programs.

Neither will we celebrate victory, nor will the procession come out; No more than two people will go to get the certificate

The commission has given an order on the assembly results of the five states coming on 2 May. It states that no procession will be taken out or celebrate during the counting of votes or after the results. After the results, any candidate can go with only two people to get their winning certificate.

The results of the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry, Assam, and West Bengal are due on 2 May.

7 phases of elections have been held in Bengal. Voting for the last phase is to be held on 29 April. Elections have been held in the remaining states.

Court warned to stop counting

The Madras High Court had on Monday reprimanded the Election Commission amid Corona’s deteriorating situation.

The Chief Justice has even said that the Election Commission is responsible for the second wave of Corona. He warned the Commission to make and follow the Covid Protocol for Counting Day on 2 May. If this does not happen then we will be forced to stop the counting schedule.

The petition was filed for the Karur seat in Tamil Nadu

The Madras High Court was hearing a petition filed for counting on the Karur assembly seat in Tamil Nadu. The petition has demanded that 77 candidates are in the fray for this assembly seat, so covid protocol should be followed here on the day of counting on 2 May.

6 comments of the High Court regarding counting

  • 1. Ensure that the COVID protocol is implemented on the day of counting.
  • 2. Counting day should not be responsible for increasing the affairs of Corona due to political or non-political reasons at any cost.
  • 3. Either in a counting manner or it will be postponed.
  • 4. People’s health is most important. It bothers that the administration has to be reminded of this.
  • 5. When the citizens remain alive, only then will they be able to exercise the rights which they have got in this democratic republic.
  • 6. Today’s conditions are to stay alive and keep people alive, all other things come after it.

Questions were being raised on the election between Corona

The second wave of Corona has taken a dangerous form. In such a situation, continuous questions were being raised about the crowds at the election rallies.

Before the 7th phase of voting in Bengal, the Election Commission had prohibited large rallies, roadshows, and pad yatras. Appealed to political parties to hold virtual meetings.

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