Deepa Chandravanshi Biography

Deepa Chandravanshi Biography

Who is Deepa Chandravanshi?

Deepa Chandravanshi is a Historian, social worker, and CO-founder of Chandravanshi. Chandravanshi is also called Chandravanshi Inc or Chandravanshi international News Communication (CINC). Chandravanshi was founded on 14th November 2000 by Nishant Chandravanshi.

What is the History of Deepa Chandravanshi?

Deepa Chandravanshi was born on 15th February 1998 in Vaishali, Bihar. Deepa Chandravanshi was born in Vaishali, Bihar. Now She lives in New Delhi, India. She Did Computer Science from Bihar.

She loves to write Articles on History, News, Politics, Science, Health, Technology, etc.

Father of Deepa Chandravanshi is Ram Naresh Chandravanshi. Naresh Chandravanshi is a teacher in Bihar. Mother of Deepa Chandravanshi is Nilu Devi and Nilu Devi is the Housewives. Deepa Chandravanshi has two brothers and one sister. Kundan Chandravanshi and Manish Chandravanshi are the brothers of Deepa Chandravanshi. Vijay Chandravanshi is the cousin of Deepa Chandravanshi.


Deepa Chandravanshi Biography
Deepa Chandravanshi

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