Corona: Is it safe to take the vaccine during the period?

Corona: Is it safe to take the vaccine during the period?

All people over 18 years of age will be able to take the vaccine made to fight the coronavirus from May 1. But a message is being spread through different means that it is not safe for women to take this vaccine during the period.

Many women expressed their doubts about this. Is there any truth behind it?

What is written in the message?

The message that is being spread on other messaging apps, including WhatsApp, reads, “The vaccine will be available to everyone over the age of 18 from May 1.

  • Take care of your period date before registration.
  • Five days from the period Do not take the vaccine before and after five days.
  • Our immunity is low during this period.
  • The first dose of the vaccine reduces immunity and then increases slowly.
  • So if you take the vaccine during the period, the risk of infection will be high.
  • So make sure not to take the vaccine during the period.
  • ‘Vaccine does not harm your body ‘

Does the vaccine harm your body during the period?

Gayatri Deshpande, Senior Consultant, Gynecology Department of Nanavati Hospital.

Deshpand said, “The period is a natural process. So there is no hindrance to it. Whenever you get time, take the vaccine. Many women are not able to work from home, they have to move out. Many women in the important sector She is working. Her period can come on any date. If she has registered, then the vaccine should be taken. ”

What does the Indian government say about this? PIB

After this message went viral, PIB issued a statement saying, “The message which is being said that girls and women should not take the vaccine five days before and after five days is a fake. Believe in this rumor Do not. ”

Can Covid change the cycle of 19 periods?

In Maharashtra, 40 percent of those who died from Corona are women.

Sonal Kumta of Fortis Hospital told, “Many of the women who have recovered from the corona have complained of period delays, premature, rapid flow or pattern changes.” But experts say that this does not completely prove that Covid has any connection with the cycle of the period.

“In many cases, it has been officially recorded that the ovaries of Covid-19 victims have been swollen,” says Dr. Ashok Anand, former head of the gynecology department of the JJ Hospital.

“If there is swelling, it is possible that they have some complaints during the period.”

According to Manjari Mehta, doctor of Hiranandan Hospital, “We cannot see such changes associated with Covid-19. We do not yet have evidence that corona affects the period.”

Gynecologist Komal Chavan from Mumbai says that the women who have recovered from Covid-19 have not yet complained about the period.

Chavan said, “Due to a long illness, there is a change in the menstrual period of women. In many cases the blood flow increases, in many cases it decreases. But I have not got such complaint yet. Is there any change after Covid-19? ”

“But there should be a study on it”

Does covid have an effect on the reproductive system?

The body’s resistance decreases after corona infection. Some people also have lung-related problems. “Because the Covid-19 has low immunity, it is possible to affect the reproductive system.”

What women should do:

Doctors say that women should take care of the following things:

  • Eat nutritious food and exercise
  • Give the body enough rest
  • Adequate sleep is very important
  • Do not work by sitting continuously, take a little break.
  • The damage caused by Covid-19 is gradually cured.

Dr. Kumta says, “Therefore, the problems associated with the period will also be cured gradually.”




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