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🏅How Manikarnika became Jhansi Ki Rani | History

How Manikarnika became Jhansi Ki Rani | History This part of India suffers from the worst of Indian summer heat. It lies between Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. It’s called Bundelkhand. The place where Jhansi is. By the 1800s the British became much stronger in India. They were no longer the bedazzled intimidated foreigner wanting permission to […]

🏅The Rise of China’s Xi Jinping | History

The rise of China’s Xi Jinping President Xi Jinping is China’s most powerful leader in decades. And his plans for the rising superpower loom large over the country and its politics. Xi’s name has been attached to the country’s slogans and initiatives that reflect its newfound strength and identity. His vision for China’s next 3 […]

🏅When will India become a world superpower | Military

When will India become a world superpower | Military? Over the past two decades, India has gone from a developing economy to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Today it reigns as an emerging superpower, with significant growth in nearly all areas: population, financial markets, military, and more. In 1998, APJ Abdul Kalam, […]

🏅Relationship between India and Pakistan after partition

Relationship between India and Pakistan after partition It’s been 73 years since colonial India gained its independence from the British and was divided into two separate states. But what should have been a triumphant moment for both countries was marred by mass murder and mayhem. The tension between Hindu majority India and Muslim majority Pakistan […]

🏅What is Libertarianism in Politics, Philosophy, Ethics Explain

What is Libertarianism in Politics, Philosophy, Ethics Explain In the US, we seem to only talk about two political parties. Don’t like taxes? Republican. 🙂 Want more social programs? Democrat. 🙂 But the fact is, there are more political philosophies and affiliations than you might think. One of these is “libertarianism”, and it has grown […]

🏅What is Communism according to Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

What is Communism according to Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels? As diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States improve, we wanted to look at the political philosophy behind the long embargoed nation. Cuba is one of the last communist dictatorships left in the world, and since extreme anti-communist sentiments in the mid 20th century, […]

# What is Socialism in Social studies & Political science

What is socialism in Political science, Social studies, Economics, History What do Scandinavia, Bernie Sanders, and the Soviet Union have in common? Arguably the most misused theory of all time: socialism. The word is thrown around in popular culture and political discourse as both a pejorative and a compliment. But how can the same system […]

🥇The Last Communist Countries in the world

The Last Communist Countries in the world Since Russia became the first communist state in 1917, dozens of other countries have converted their governments to approximate communism. At one point, during the Cold War, the world was ideologically split between capitalist and communist political philosophies, but today only about five of these left-leaning countries remain. […]

Ashoka the Great 🥇Rise of the Mauryan Empire | History

Ashoka the Great | Rise of the Mauryan Empire The Third Century BC was a notoriously violent time, filled with titanic clashes and amazing personalities. Alexander’s conquests gave way to a period of constant warfare amongst his Seleucid, Ptolemaic, and Antigonid successors, while the rising Roman juggernaut began a series of conquests to unite the Italian […]

Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna UP CM🥇Career ended by Amitabh Bachchan

Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna The Chief Minister of UP, whose career ended by Amitabh Bachchan Hemavati Nandan Bahuguna, called Chanakya of the Congress, vowed to eradicate the Congress in its last days. His son Vijay Bahuguna was fielded. Vijay also became the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. Joined BJP Hemvati’s daughter Rita Bahuguna also joined the BJP […]

What is Judaism all About?🥇History of Judaism

What is Judaism all About? History of Judaism Judaism, at 4000 years old it is one of the oldest monotheistic religions and the granddaddy of Christianity and Islam. But even though its teachings helped create the world’s two most popular religions many people don’t know what the Jews actually believe. What is the Torah? What’s […]

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