Can replacing an oxygenizer with a nebulizer save the corona patient’s life?

Can replacing an oxygenizer with a nebulizer save the corona patient’s life?

The whole country is struggling with the second wave of coronavirus.. Patients are unable to get basic facilities, including beds, oxygen, and medicines. Because of which people are dying. The most fierce is about oxygen.

Several types of jugaad videos are coming out among the shortage, in which the alleged ways of saving lives are being told if there is a lack of oxygen.

One such video has been tweeted by senior IAS officer of Chhattisgarh Avnish Sharan. In this video, Dr. Alok of Sarvodaya Hospital,

Faridabad is explaining how a nebulizer can be used as an oxygen substrate. Put any medicine in the nebulizing machine as described in the video, wear it and sit and breathe.

Next, that person is asking not to run for oxygen cylinder anywhere. Finally, you also find the person in the video saying that there is so much oxygen in the atmosphere, we get oxygen from it.

Wrote in the caption that the excellent technique of using a nebulizer to improve the blood oxygen level is being told. (You can see these viral video tweets below.)

When the video came from IAS, people believed the doctor and IAS words, they accepted Genuin and started retweeting thanking Doctor Alok.

Will there be a complete lack of oxygen from the nebulizer?

The question arises as to whether the lack of oxygen from the nebulizer can be met, or is this technology with a nebulizer a mere rumor.

For this how effective this technique is, we talked to Doctor Vishnu Panigrahi who works with Fortis health care. When we asked the doctor about this, he called the use of nebulizers in place of oxygen utterly stupid.

Doctor Vishnu said,

“That nebulizer is not a surrogate to oxygen. Oxygen supplementation when indicated, we need to give a higher% of oxygen, which cannot be provided by what you were alluding to Which is not possible with the nebulizer. ”

At the same time, we talked to another MBBS doctor Arun Khatri, who is working only for the patients of Covid-19. He told that,

“The technique described in the video can give oxygen for a few minutes, but the amount of oxygen Corona patients need cannot be met through the nebulizer.”

What to do when the oxygen level is decreasing

Dr. Arun said clearly that if the patient’s oxygen level is up to 85, in that case, nebulizers can be used, but only for a few minutes.

More nebulizers will not work, but in such a situation when the oxygen level is decreasing, then the self-awakening position is more effective in this situation, in which the patient is asked to lie down on the abdomen and breathe and it will make a difference in oxygen level. is.

That is, if any patient you know or your own oxygen level is falling, then do not adopt such jugaad and contact the doctor immediately.

Avoid the accumulated coronavirus, avoid the quacks of the Internet. If you want to know, then trust the doctors and not on the videos from the forward or the IAS with Twitter’s bloom.

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