Bihar Lockdown-4 Guidelines: Shops will open in Bihar for 8 hours

Bihar Lockdown-4 Guidelines: Shops will open in Bihar for 8 hours

Given the decreasing case of corona infection in Bihar, it has been decided to extend the lockdown by one week i.e. June 8, 2021.

In the meantime, additional discounts are being given for the business. Lockdown-4 will be effective from June 2.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given this information by tweeting. It was sealed after reviewing the lockdown in a Disaster Management group meeting chaired by Chief Secretary Tripurari Sharan.

After this, CM Nitish Kumar himself has announced to increase the lockdown with some relaxation. This time the scope of exemption will increase. Currently, the released Lockdown-3 expires June 1.

Bihar Lockdown-4 Guidelines: CM Nitish announces, shops will open in Bihar for 8 hours, big discounts in trade

Explain that the lockdown was -1 till May 15. The lockdown was -2 till May 16-25. The third lockdown was from May 26 to June 1.

This time the cases of Covid in Bihar have also been very few. On Sunday, 1475 new cases have been received from the entire state. Apart from this, the government has decided to increase the lockdown with many exemptions, due to the demand of the business class, so that the economic wheel of the state turned around.

This will be the new guideline of Bihar Lockdown-4

  • In Bihar, shops will now open from 6 am to 2 pm in villages and cities.
  • Several government offices were allowed to open and start functioning with 25 per cent attendance.
  • Apart from essential shops like milk, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, agricultural shops will open daily.
  • All types of shops will open on the day of Alternate-Day, except for the electronic establishment.
  • Only home delivery from restaurants and food shops can be done from 9 are to 9 pm.
  • Industrial, construction related installations and construction work will be from 6 are to 2 pm.
  • Public transport such as autos, buses etc. will run with a 50 per cent seating capacity to facilitate traffic.
  • Private vehicles, which have got an e-pass, or have a ticket to travel by train or plane, have to travel to and from health workers.
  • DM will fix the relaxation in lockdown and opening of shops in every district
  • As before, all educational institutions and private offices will also be closed.
  • All political, social, cultural, religious and entertainment related events will be banned.
  • All shops must use masks and sanitisers. Adherence to physical distancing will also be mandatory. In this case, the DM can temporarily close the shops.
  • As before, only 20 people have been allowed in the marriage. Procession and procession will not be allowed.
  • The DM can further tighten the rules depending on the local situation at his level. However, they will not have the right to relax the rules.
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