Best BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar Ranking 2022]

Best BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar Ranking 2022]

Top 10 BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar Ranking 2022]

1. Achievers IAS AcademyPatliputra Colony, Patna
2. Perfection IASBoring Road, Patna
3. Success PlannerRaja Bazar, Patna
4. Himalayan ClassesAshok Rajpath Road, Patna
5. IAS MantraKankarbagh, Patna
6. Fame careerBoring Road, Patna
7. Sarvodaya Civil ServicesB. M. Das Road, Patna
8. Guide IASBailey Road, Patna
9. IAS AcademyNaya Tola, Patna
10. Dhyeya IASExhibition Road, Patna


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Best BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar]

1. Achievers IAS Academy Contact Details

  • Address: New Patliputra Colony, Patliputra Colony, Patna, Bihar 800013
  • Mobile Number: +91- 8434931877
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

2. Perfection IAS Contact Details

  • Address: Kumar Tower, 103, Boring Rd, crossing, Patna, Bihar 800001
  • Mobile Number: +91- 9155087930
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

3. Success Planner Contact Details

  • Address: Pillar no, Dulare Market, 2nd floor, 51, Bailey Rd, Raja Bazar, Patna, Bihar 800014
  • Mobile Number: +91- 086779 99555
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

4. Himalayan Classes Contact Details

  • Address: Sharda Prasad, Sarda Prasad Ghosh Lane, Makhania Kuan, Road, Ashok Rajpath Road, Lalbagh, opp. pmch, Patna, Bihar 800004
  • Mobile Number: +917280065991
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

5. IAS Mantra Contact Details

  • Address: NO -3, P C Colony Rd, P.C.Colony, Kankarbagh, Kumhrar, Patna, Bihar 800020
  • Mobile Number: +91- 9102303286
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

6. Fame career Contact Details

  • Address: Boring Rd, Anandpuri, Patna, Bihar 800001
  • Mobile Number: +91- 9471892276 /  080922 44477 /  093342 35110
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

7. Sarvodaya Civil Services Contact Details

  • Address: BM Das Rd, opposite Patna college, Naya Tola, Lalbagh, Patna, Bihar 800004
  • Mobile Number: +91- 9334121154
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

8. Guide IAS Contact Details

  • Address: Pillar No, 3rd Floor, Rajendra Palace, 51 & 52, Bailey Rd, Raja Bazar, Patna, Bihar 800014
  • Mobile Number: +918651805783
  • Email:  N/A
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

9. Patanjali IAS Academy Contact Details

  • Address: Shivam Arcade, Paras Compound, Near P.N. Anglo School, Nayatola, Patna, Bihar 800004
  • Mobile Number: +91- 99738 03078
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

10. Dhyeya IAS Contact Details

  • Address: 6th floor Ashiana Tower, Exhibition Rd, beside Allied Computer, South Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar 800001
  • Mobile Number: +919334100961
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Institute / Coaching Center Route Map: Click me

Best BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar]

The full form of IAS is Indian Administration Services, which is an officer’s post, in which you are given a job as an officer in many areas like IPS, COLLECTOR, FOREST OFFICER and for this post by UPSC (union publish service commission). Its applications are taken out every year, in which candidates are put on the job according to the rank obtained.

IAS Education Qualification

To apply for IAS, it is mandatory to pass graduation or post-graduation in any subject and no more marks are required for its application, you can also apply online for this with a passing mark if you give your graduation exam. It is given but its result is yet to come, even then you can apply for it.

IAS Age Limit and Attempt

To become an IS, the age limit of all the categories has been set separately, in which some classes are also given age relaxation.

  • General – Minimum 21 years and maximum 32 years.
  • OBC – Minimum 21 years and Maximum 35 years.
  • ST/SC – Unlimited

Attempt – It means that how many times you can give IS exam, has been determined differently according to the sections.

  • General – 6 times.
  • OBC – 9 times.
  • ST/SC – Unlimited.
  • Only permanent residents of India, Nepal and Bhutan can apply for IAS.

How to become IAS

To become an IAS, first of all, you have passed graduation and after that, you have to apply in it when its advertisement comes, its release comes every year and you can get information about it from employment news, social media, newspaper etc.

Whenever there is an advertisement in it, first of all, you download its official notification and read it well and what will be the eligibility and selection process in it and understand the celebs etc. and after that, you apply in it and later you will get through the following process have to pass.

preliminary exam

This is the first exam after applying, in which all the candidates take part, it is also called Preliminary Exam, in which objective questions are asked and there are 2 exams of 200-200 marks in it, it is very important to pass this exam to become an IAS. Only then you will be able to reach the next stage.

main exam

This is the biggest challenge for all the candidates and only those people who are successful in this, who prepare very well in reality and this you have 9 different papers and you have to pass in all the papers and it’s all The marks of the question paper are added to your merit, so you do not have to focus only on qualifying this exam, but you have to focus on topping it, only then you can become an IAS or top the IAS.


After getting success in both the rounds, successful candidates are called for an interview, in which you are asked very difficult questions and tricky questions, for which you have to prepare suitable in advance and your interview for IAS is up to 45 minutes. Whose marks will be added to your rank?

You should start preparing for the interview in advance because later you will not get enough time to prepare for it and almost every person becomes successful in the interview because the person who clears the main exam after that the interview is not so difficult for him. But still, you should prepare it in advance and your goal should be that you will get full marks in the interview and you will impress the officers who interview you.

Your interview marks are also added in the merit, so you should try to get good marks in it so that you can also get a good place in the merit and the better your merit, the better will be your posting in IAS.

How to prepare for IAS

If you want to become an IAS, then you have to work very hard for this and we are giving you some tips, if you follow them, then it will help you a lot in becoming an IAS and you will also prepare for the IAS exam in the right way. For this, you will be able to follow these small tips.

  • Read NCERT Books – You need to read NCERT books to become an IAS and in NCERT books you can read books from class VIII to XII, these books contribute a lot in passing the IAS exam and if If you have a good hold on NCERT books, then your chances of success will be higher.
  • Understand UPSC – You can become IAS only through UPSC and its application exam and selection of an IAS is done by it and it is very important for you to become IAS and for its better preparation, it is very important to understand UPSC’s syllabus and you See its old papers and find out about the type of question papers in UPSC exam and try to solve them.
  • Study regularly – It is very important to study regularly to become an IAS and when you study regularly, then you can study in the best way and you will be remembered for a long time so that you can take the exam. You will be able to show better performance and will be able to get success in the examination easily.

Best BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar]

Make a timetable – It is very important for you to make a timetable to become an IAS and how long you have to study in it and for how long you have to make a timetable about all these and based on that you have to study more than that. You will be able to study till time and you will also be able to prepare better for the exam.

Study in the right environment – ​​You need to study in the right environment to become an IAS because the better environment you study in, the better you can prepare and the morning and evening environment is very good for studies. And at this time, you can go to a clean place or study on the terrace, due to which you will remember any question very easily and quickly.

Read books on all subjects – Many people make the mistake that they take only one book of the entire celebs and study from it, while they are not able to study properly because you cannot get such big celebs in one book, so you have to read every book. You have to keep a different book of the subject and based on that you have to study, due to this you will be able to get information from the details in every subject and your grip will be strong in every subject, which will increase your chances of succeeding in the examination.

Top 10 BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar]

what is IAS?

IAS means Indian Administrative Service and it is one in All India Services and all IAS officers are All India Administrative Service officers, there are many different posts in IAS and all IAS officers work under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Is.

What does it take to become an IAS?

To become an IAS, you first have to apply in it and when you apply in it, after that you have to go through the preliminary examination, main examination and interview, only after passing these you can become an IAS.

What are the studies required to become an IAS?

Many people think that what should we study to become an IAS, then after taking any subject of arts, commerce and science, you can study IAS and the students of every subject or course can do this course, for this you have to have someone. No special course is required.

Which book should I read for UPSC?

If you study UPSC, then it is very important to choose the right books and you should always choose different books based on your syllabus and take different books of all the subjects and study them so that you can study every subject in a better way. And you will get a very good grip on all the subjects.

Age for IAS

To become an IAS, the age limit should be 18 to 32 years and reserved categories are given relaxation in IAS recruitment as per rules, you can get detailed information about it from its official notification.

How to become IAS after 12th

If you want to become an IAS after the 12th, then you have to pass class 12th before any stream, that you have to do 3 years of graduation and when your graduation is completed, after that you will be able to apply for IAS.

IAS is the most prestigious post of the civil service of India, based on the dignity and strength of this post, the examination of its selection has also been decided accordingly so that only the qualified person can reach this post. Many candidates want to be selected for this post, but only hardworking and disciplined people can reach the post. Becoming an IAS officer requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You should not look at the IAS only till the District Collector or District Magistrate, in a country like India, the administrative heads and secretaries of all the departments are mostly senior IAS. IAS is a cabinet secretary, secretary to the government of India, secretary of a state or secretary of any central ministry. The highest rank in the Indian Administrative Service has been given to the IAS, that is why an officer sitting in any high position in the country is given to the IAS.

It is a matter of pride and pride to be selected in the Indian Civil Service. It does not give you a job but a chance to serve the country in the right month. Through Civil Services, the examination is taken for 24 services, which include grade ‘A’ posts like IFS, IPS, IRS.

It is a permanent member of the executive which has no election but selection. This is called bureaucracy or bureaucracy. Governance and administration work together for development and balance in the country. Today, we will have a long discussion on this topic and know how to start to become an IAS, as well as what should be the strategy for studying (IAS Topper Strategy in Hindi). And also, how much is the salary of IAS and what is the qualification, we will discuss this topic in detail.

Best BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar]

Training of IAS Officer

After achieving success in all the stages of the examination conducted by UPSC, the merit list is drawn out by the commission, based on which the candidates will be selected for which post, it is decided. The IAS rank is given to the top candidates in the merit list, all other posts are distributed based on their place in the list.

After which, the selected candidates for training are sent to Labsna (LBSNAA) from where they are given 2 years of training in the campus itself and after that MA degree in Public Administration is awarded.

IAS Perks, Salary and Full Form
An IAS is provided with a salary of about Rs 56100 to 250000 per month.


With the deployment of an IS, a duplex bungalow is provided in the restricted area of ​​the district or state where the posting takes place. This benefit is given to him even if he is posted in the District / Commissioner or Headquarters.


An IAS officer is provided with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 government vehicle drivers for commuting. The fuel and maintenance of the vehicle are borne by the government.

Full-Form of IAS

The full form of IAS is the ‘Indian Administrative Service’. Its full form in Hindi is Indian Administrative Service.

IAS Work

  • As an IAS one has to do revenue-related work, such as the collection of revenue etc.
  • To maintain law and order in the district.
  • Has to act as an Executive Magistrate.
  • An IAS has to work as Chief Development Officer (CDO) or District Development Commissioner.
  • To effectively implement the policies of the State Government and the Central Government in the district.
  • Travelling to make surprise visits to monitor policies, etc.
  • To examine the expenditure on public funds following the norms of financial matters.
  • Advising as Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary in making policy of the government and giving final shape to the policies.
  • To undertake the responsibility of handling the day-to-day affairs of the Government.
  • IAS Officer’s Post
  • SDO / SDM / Joint Collector / Chief Development Officer (CDO)
  • District Magistrate / District Collector / Deputy Commissioner
  • divisional commissioner
  • Member Board of Revenue
  • Chairman of the Board of Revenue

Power and rights of IAS

The IAS officer is the head of a district or department, he is responsible for every work done in the department, he gives directions to his subordinate employees, if any kind of negligence is found in the work, then he is responsible for the employees. takes concrete action against He can suspend the employees and if any employee acts against the law, can register an FIR against him and recommend his dismissal from the government.

The power of suspension of IAS is with the President only, this work cannot be done by any other government. Once Indira Gandhi told Ajit Jogi that the power in the country is with only DM in the district, CM in the state and PM in the centre.

Best BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar]

Union Public Service Commission Exam (UPSC Exam) is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India and only after passing this exam one gets selected for IAS, IPS, IES or IFS officer. The work of all these officers is different and they have different roles. Let us tell you what is the difference between IAS and IPS and who is more powerful in both.

How is the selection of IAS-IPS done?

After the result of the UPSC Mains exam is declared, the candidate has to fill a Detail Application Form (DAF), based on which the personality test is conducted. Questions are asked during the interview based on the information filled in the form. Merit list is prepared by adding the marks obtained in the interview and based on this the All India Ranking is decided.

Ranking of different categories (General, SC, ST, OBC, EWS) is prepared and based on the ranking, IAS, IPS or IFS rank is given. Top-ranked people get IAS, but sometimes top rankers have IPS or IRS preferences, then lower rankers can also get IAS posts. The ranks after this get IPS and IFS posts.

How is the training of IAS and IPS done?

After getting selected for IAS and IPS, their training starts with the foundation course at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie, in which all the candidates are selected for the civil services are given three months of training.

Basic administrative skills are taught in this course, which is important for every civil service officer to know. Some special activities are done inside the academy, in which the difficult trekking of the Himalayas for mental and physical strength is one.

Apart from this, India Day is organized for all the officers, in which everyone has to showcase the culture of their respective state. In this, the civil service officers show the ‘unity in diversity of the country through dress, folk dance or food.

Apart from this, officers are also given training for village visits and during this time the officers have to stay for 7 days in a remote village of the country, which allows them to understand every aspect of village life closely. The civil service officer deals with the experiences and problems of the people of the village.

Top 10 BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar]

Different training is given after 3 months

There is also a big difference between the training of an IAS officer and IPS. After 3 months of foundation training, IPS officers are sent to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in Hyderabad, where they are given police training. After selection, IPS has to go through more tough training.

Their training includes horse riding, parade and weapon handling. At the same time, IAS trainee Lal Bahadur Shastri remains in the National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). After this, the professional training of IAS officers starts and in this information is given about every sector of administration and governance.

Responsibilities of IAS and IPS

As reported by Business Insider, the responsibilities of IAS officers include the administration of an area/district/department. They are required to make proposals for the development of their respective areas and are given executive powers to implement all policies as well as take important decisions.

Whereas, IPS officers have to investigate crime and maintain law and order in the area where they are posted. There is no dress code of an IAS officer and they live in formal dress. At the same time, IPS officers wear uniforms while on duty. The IAS officer gets bodyguards according to the post, while the entire police force runs with the IPS.

Who is more powerful in IAS and IPS?

The responsibilities and powers of IAS and IPS are completely different. IAS officers are controlled by the Department of Personnel and Training and the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. On the other hand, the Union Home Ministry controls the IPS cadre.

The salary of an IAS officer is relatively higher than that of an IPS officer. Along with this, there is only one IAS officer in a region while the number of IPS officers in a region is as per the requirement. Overall, the post of an IAS officer is superior to that of an IPS officer in terms of salary and authority.

Best BPSC Coaching in Patna for Hindi Medium [Bihar]

Salary of IAS Officer: Lakhs of students appear every year in UPSC’s exam, one of the toughest exams to be held in India. The competition to join the Indian Administrative Service is increasing continuously. As a large number of candidates appear in this exam (UPSC Exam), the number of those who become IAS officers is very less. This is the reason why it is one of the most popular professions in India.

Every year lakhs of youth dream of becoming an IAS officer and also work hard for it. The main reason for more competition in this exam is that the post you get after clearing it is a respectable post and the salary and facilities are very good in it. Let us tell here what are the facilities available to an IAS officer? And how much is their salary?

IAS officer duties

Before knowing about the salary, understand what work an IAS officer has to do. The candidates who get the top rank in the Civil Services Examination are made IAS. IAS officers get the laws made in the Parliament implemented in their areas. Along with this, they also play an important role in making new policies or laws. IAS officers can also become cabinet secretaries, undersecretaries etc.


According to the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary of an IAS officer is 56100. As there are promotions in this, the salary also keeps on increasing. The salary of an IAS officer is based on different structures, such as junior scale, senior scale, super time scale, there are different pay bands in the pay scales. At the same time, if an IAS officer reaches the post of Cabinet Secretary, then his salary reaches up to Rs 2,50,000 per month.

Get these facilities

The salary structure of an IAS officer is divided into 8 grades. Each grade has a fixed basic pay and grade pay. Salary includes Basic Pay, Grade Pay, Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Medical Allowance, Conveyance Allowance.

DA depends on the city of posting and it varies from city to city. Similarly, HRA also depends on the residence of the IAS officer. If he is availing of the housing facility provided by the government then he will be entitled to HRA. All allowances vary from officer to officer.

Dearness Allowance (DA) is the most important component of IAS salary and it is increased by the government from time to time. It is increased to 103% of the basic pay. The Central Government revises the DA of employees from time to time. HRA ranges from 8% to 24% of the basic salary.

The Civil Services Examination is conducted by the Union Public Service (UPSC) for recruitment to the posts of officers like IAS, IPS, IFS, IFS etc. Lakhs of candidates apply for this exam. However, UPSC selects applicants on some 100 seats based on rank obtained in the exam.

What is the role of other officers including IAS, IPS, what work do they do and how much is their salary, the education team of Amar Ujala is going to answer all such questions today. If you also have such questions in your mind, then this news can be of use to you.

This is a total of 24 civil services

There are 24 services in the civil services, for which candidates are selected. These are divided into two categories. One is All India Services and the other is Central Services. Under All India Services, IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IPS (Indian Police Service) come. The people selected in these are given the cadre of states and union territories. In addition, there are Group A and Group B services in the central services.

Group A services include the Indian Foreign Service, the Indian Civil Accounts Service, the Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax Post), the Indian Railway Service (IRTS and IRPS), and the Indian Information Service (IIS). Group B comprises the Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service, Pondicherry Civil Service, Delhi and Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil and Police Service.

What is the role of an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer?

Through the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), these officers get an opportunity to work in the bureaucratic structure of India (India Bureaucratic Setup). It is important to know that IAS works in many different ministries, departments of administration. The senior-most post for an IAS officer is that of the Cabinet Secretary.

How much does an IAS officer earn?

Candidates who clear the exam and become an IAS officer get an attractive salary. According to the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary of an IAS officer can be up to Rs 56,100. Apart from the salary, an IAS officer is also given various other allowances including travelling allowance and dearness allowance.

Reports state that the total salary of an IAS officer is more than Rs 1 lakh per month. On the other hand, if an IAS officer reaches the post of Cabinet Secretary, then his salary becomes Rs 2,50,000 per month. The officer deputed as Cabinet Secretary gets the highest salary.

What is the role of an IPS officer?

IPS (Indian Police Service) officers work for law and order maintenance and are promoted from SP to IG, Deputy IG, DGP. IPS officers do the job of implementing the law of the country properly.

What is the salary of an IPS officer?]

The basic salary of an IPS officer starts from Rs 56,100 per month (TA, DA and HRA extra) and can go up to Rs 2,25,000 for a DGP. IPS officers are also given PF, Gratuity, Healthcare Services, Lifetime Pension, Residence, Service Quarters, Transport, Domestic Staff, Study Leave and many other facilities.

What role do IFS (Indian Foreign Service) play?

An IFS officer has to serve in the Ministry of External Affairs. IFS officers are selected after years of UPSC training and clearing. IFS officers handle diplomatic matters and bilateral matters. Every year around 10-15 candidates are selected for the Indian Foreign Service post. The candidates undergo training after clearing the entire examination process.

How much is their salary?

The salary and allowances of IFS depend on the place where an officer is posted, whether in India or abroad. Officers posted abroad to get a special foreign allowance.

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