A lawyer dies on Bike without corona treatment in Ratlam, MP

A lawyer dies on Bike without corona treatment in Ratlam, MP

A lawyer dies on Bike without corona treatment in Ratlam, MP

In Ratlam city of Madhya Pradesh, a 40-year-old lawyer died on a moving bike due to lack of treatment. At Ratlam’s medical college, his mother and brother waited for treatment for two and a half hours with a lawyer.

When no treatment was found, he took the patient to another private hospital. But there was no treatment, and then on his way to the third hospital, the lawyer died on the bike itself.

Did not get treatment even after waiting for hours, while searching the hospital, the lawyer died on the bike itself.

Not admitted even after waiting 2 hours

Suresh Dagar, a 40-year-old lawyer living in Ratlam city, was suffering from ill health for a few days. His health worsened on Tuesday, May 4. In such a situation, Suresh’s brother Anil and mother took him on a bike and reached the medical college at around 10.30 am.

Even after waiting for two hours, he was not taken inside. Meanwhile, Suresh’s condition was getting worse. The family took lawyer Suresh to a nearby private hospital but did not get treatment there either.

After not receiving treatment, the brother and mother died when they were passing through the Ram temple area on the bike carrying lawyer Suresh Dagar. Due to the possibility of being corona positive, no one came forward to help Suresh’s mother and brother dying on the road.

In such a situation, the police personnel on duty there immediately called the ambulance. The lawyer was sent by ambulance to the district hospital. Where doctors declared him dead.

It was feared that lawyer Suresh Dagar Corona was infected. In such a situation, his body was cremated under the Corona Protocol. Suresh Dagar’s brother Anil Dagar told Aaj Tak,

Brother’s health was bad for 4-5 days. A 10 percent infection was reported in the CT scan. Today, he had difficulty in breathing, then took him to the medical college in the morning.

He sat for treatment for two and a half hours at gate number 2. Many of Bhaiya’s lawyer friends called many people and requested them for treatment, but they were not admitted due to lack of beds in the medical college.

I went to a private hospital with him. But even there the bed was not empty. We left from there at one and a half hours in search of another hospital. Brother and mother were on the bike together. Bhaiya suddenly died on the moving bike near the Ram temple.

A new ward continues to be built in the hospital, the lawyer dies.

Advocate Suresh Dagar was waiting for treatment at gate number 2 in the medical college. At the same time, work was going on to start a 60 new bed ward in the medical college.

Chaitanya Kashyap, president of the Chaitanya Kashyap Foundation, was also present to deliver 70 oxygen concentrator machines for the new ward.

Chaitanya Kashyap is also an MLA of Ratlam. District Collector Gopal Dard also came to lead the MLA.

From the Dean of the Medical College to the other staff was also engaged with the MLA and Collector. Advocates of the lawyer say that even at their level, they tried to arrange beds for Suresh Dagar in the medical college, but the arrangements could not be made.

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